Do you always feel tired during pregnancy?Don’t think that it is pregnancy, it is related to this, you need to be vigilant

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers feel that they are particularly tired after pregnancy, which is actually normal, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. Because of the impact of physical hormone levels, the body needs a adjustment. At this time, the body needs a adaptation stage.Some people show more fatigue.

However, if the pregnant mothers have special fatigue in the middle and late pregnancy, they need to be vigilant. It may be related to the lack of this element in the body. It is directly related to their health and the healthy development of the fetus. The pregnant mother must pay attention to it.

During pregnancy, I often hear that pregnant mothers must eat more. Because one person eats 2 people requires nutrition, some elders keep letting pregnant mothers eat more. In fact, it makes sense.Just like when you are pregnant, more than one person needs blood, but also needs two people.Pregnancy and production, the body’s blood must be more than before pregnancy.

The hemoglobin in the blood is responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of the body.If iron is lacking in the blood, iron deficiency anemia occurs.It will feel tired.At the same time, some women are still irritable, dizziness, and heartbeat.Most of these symptoms are as pregnant when they are pregnant, and the pregnancy response is about the same, which will be ignored by many pregnant mothers.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to the production examination. During the process of checking, the blood test can know whether women have the symptoms of iron deficiency. Do not panic if there is this situation. Doctors will give corresponding improvement measures.At the same time, pregnant mothers can also help improve through the following points in their daily life.

According to the birth of the pregnant mother, some pregnant mothers may need to supplement the iron. At this time, it is suitable for choosing a two -price iron, which will be more easily absorbed by the body, which is convenient for fasting iron, which is conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

In diet, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to intake of foods with high iron content.When cooking food, you can use an iron pot for cooking, which will be more good for your health.At the same time, the intake of high -quality protein in the diet is also very important, which is more conducive to the recovery of viscera function and damaged cells.

Whether taking iron or high iron content, you should avoid some foods that hinder the absorption of iron in the body, and can take foods that help iron absorption at the same time.This will be more conducive to the body’s absorption of iron.Among them, milk, eggs, calcium, phosphate, oxalate, etc. will inhibit the absorption of iron, and can be avoided as much as possible when eating.

During pregnancy, the cause of fatigue during pregnancy is mainly in two cases. One is because of pregnancy and changes in hormone levels in the body, especially hormones similar to anesthetic agent secreted by the body.At the same time, it will make the uterine fiber of pregnant mothers relax. At this stage, pregnant mothers will obviously feel particularly fatigue.

Another point is the fatigue of the body that may lack iron.Therefore, pregnant mothers need to make a good judgment, especially in the middle and late pregnancy. The occurrence of iron deficiency is normal. Some women have iron deficiency before pregnancy, and they will increase after pregnancy, so they feel more obvious.To do a good job of check -up regularly, you can understand the situation of yourself and the baby baby in time, and you can worry about it.

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