Do you always have a "shame dream" after pregnancy?Don’t be embarrassed, the pregnant mother knows the reason is scientifically resolved

In different periods of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have different ideas.Early pregnant mothers will worry about their children’s health problems and worry about their children’s production problems in the third trimester.Only in the second trimester, the pregnant mother’s body is relatively relaxed, and the burden of thought will not be too heavy.

After considering the health of the child, many couples try to avoid intimacy as much as possible.However, some pregnant mothers will find that they will have a "shame dream", and I am embarrassed to tell her husband.I don’t know if there is something wrong with my body, and I am worried that it will affect the fetus.

Many Baoma had this situation during pregnancy. She obviously did not have the needs in this area, but they would still show it in their dreams.Because the topic is relatively privacy, I am embarrassed to consult with others.Sometimes dreaming can cause contractions, scaring Baoma thought that she had a problem with her body.

In fact, there are two factors that cause this situation:

Hormone levels

The biggest change in the body after pregnancy is the level of hormone. From the beginning of pregnancy, hormones in the body can be said to have undergone tremendous changes.This is precisely because of the rapid growth of estrogen that the pregnant mother has a shame.

This dream will not affect the development of the fetus, and pregnant mothers can rest assured.If you have frequent contractions in the third trimester, you can pay attention to the fetal heart and fetal movement.

high pressure

After pregnancy, because they are worried about the children in the abdomen, many couples will completely avoid the intimacy of the husband and wife during pregnancy.If the body is in this state of abstinence for a long time, it is easy to appear in dreams.Other wives can’t be in the same room because they are pregnant. They are worried that her husband will find other women outside. The psychological burden is too large and it is easy to have shame dreams.

It is worth noting that if you always have a "shame dream" during pregnancy, it will easily lead to contractions. Treatment is a sign before production. Generally, it will frequently appear in the third trimester.The contraction can be understood literally, that is, the uterus has contraction.

It is worth noting that the contraction with false contractions and real contractions. Before production, the muscles of the uterus will be more sensitive, and there will be contraction with a short duration.Generally, it will last for a few seconds or one minute, but it is not a sign of the fetus to be born. The pregnant mother will feel that the belly is tight, swelling, and dare not move. This is a pseudo -contraction.

Long -term contractions are more likely to cause premature birth of pregnant women, especially the frequency of pseudo -contractions on the third trimester. If pregnant women always dream, they always need to pay attention to the adjustment of the pregnant mother.

Divert attention

Avoid watching Korean dramas or related content related to love, you can watch more TV or books about parenting and pregnancy health care, listen to music, go outdoors, etc., and transfer your attention.

Reduce stimuli

The clothes you usually wear are as loose as possible to avoid stimulation of the body.Usually, with her husband, you can increase or decrease intimacy through other ways, such as hugging, holding hands, kissing, etc., to dispel this physiological needs through other ways.

If the pregnant mother has a shame for the first time, she should not be shy. She can talk to her husband. Sometimes it would be good to tell this emotion. It will only become more and more serious.If the situation is serious, you can also ask a doctor for consultation.

Proper couple intimate

The first three months and the next three months of pregnancy should be avoided. In the second trimester, the husband and wife can be arranged several times according to the physical condition of the pregnant mother.In addition to bringing physical relaxation to pregnant mothers, it can also relieve psychological pressure, and can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

The process of pregnancy will experience a lot of first time, especially for the first pregnant pregnant mothers, many contents can be used for reference without experience.You can communicate with Baoma and learn experience after production, so that you can judge yourself when you face some pregnancy situation without panic.

Topic today: During pregnancy, have you had a shame?

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