Do you always have a natural abortion after pregnancy?It may be that there are 5 major reasons, the last one is too common

With the concept of eugenics and eugenics, many women will enter the pregnancy stage before pregnancy, and they will pay more attention to the carefulness during pregnancy, especially after successful pregnancy.The occurrence of troubles and doubts, in fact, most of the natural miscarriage is related to the following reasons.

1. Largeronic function incomplete

After pregnancy, luteal will secrete a large amount of estrogen and progesterone to help supply fetal development. When luteal dysfunction is incomplete, hormone secretion will reduce the amount of nutrition for the fetus, which will cause fetal development and abortion.

2. Environmental factors

If women have severe anemia or abnormal pelvic cavity, and uterine malformations, they will cause abortion due to insufficient endocrine function after pregnancy.Or whether women stay in a strong radiation environment for a long time, the embryo is affected by radiation, and there will be natural abortion during the development process.

3. Cervical mouth relaxation

Women’s uterus has congenital abnormalities or due to the relaxation of cervix and mouth due to uterine cavity surgery. During the pregnancy, it will cause abortion due to the increased pressure of the uterine cavity and the expansion of the cervix.

4. Gynecological inflammation

Women have vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory gynecological inflammation is not successful under the effect of successful treatment, and the fetus is affected, especially during development.

5. Endocrine disorders

Once women are pregnant, their bodies will secrete enough progesterone to make the fertilized eggs successfully implanting on the uterine wall and developing into a fetus. When the progesterone secretion is insufficient, the endometrium cannot supply fertilized egg nutrition, which will cause abortion.

1. Check the body

After entering the pregnancy period, you must do a detailed examination of your body to understand whether there are problems and take measures to prevent the disease from being affected by the disease after success.

2. Keep emotional stability

Emotional stability can keep endocrine from being affected. If the body hormone secretion is insufficient after pregnancy, the embryo will be affected during the development of the embryo. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain emotional stability to maintain normal endocrine.

3. Avoid physical labor

After successful conception, rest, avoid too fatigue, do various physical exercises, prevent abortion from being affected by embryos.

Warm reminder that if the tumor abortion after pregnancy is vigilant and understands the cause, measures can only be taken before preparing for pregnancy.And we must know that once the body exists in various gynecological diseases, it is necessary to actively treat it to avoid problems and problems after the embryo is successful.

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