Do you always want to go to the toilet for 9 months of pregnancy?If you have these 4 symptoms, you need to give birth

A pregnant mother asked: "I always want to go to the toilet for 9 months of pregnancy?" In fact, 9 months of pregnancy, the expectant mother feels a hard belly. It may be caused by fetal movement, or it may be possibleIt is caused by false contractions.Of course, these are not signs of birth.When I was 9 months pregnant, I also had a hard stomach, accompanied by paroxysmal abdominal pain. This phenomenon mostly happened in the evening.

Why do you want to go to the toilet for 9 months of pregnancy?

1. The fetus enters the basin to cause frequent urination of pregnant women.After the fetus enters the basin, the fetal head will be more compressed to the bladder of the pregnant woman, causing the increase in urine in pregnant women, so the number of times the toilet will increase.I remember the two days before Sheng Dabao, I had to go to the bathroom 5-6 times a night.

2. Pseudo -contractions: In the third trimester of pregnancy, many mothers will feel that their abdomen is tight, always feels hard, and it feels very rising. This is pseudo contraction.Of course, sometimes the mothers feel that it is not very accurate. Generally speaking, the whole belly is tight and hard, and it is a pseudo -contraction. If only some areas are hard, it may be that the baby is playing.Ah, my legs are playing with my mother’s belly.Because the abdomen of pregnant women is getting larger and larger, the uterus becomes more and more sensitive, so pseudo contractions will appear more frequently.

What are the symptoms of normal delivery?If pregnant mothers have these four situations, they will go to the hospital for birth.

1. contractions:

If the lower abdomen becomes soft and hard -hard, and the muscles also feel hardened and swollen, at least once every 10 minutes, the contraction lasts more than 30 seconds, and the cervical canal is shortened, which is a sign of the property.

2. Seeing red:

The vaginal secretion of the pregnant mother is brown or blood, and the pain at the pubic bone or the lumbosacral region seems to be more regular.

3. Breaking water:

Warm -like liquid flowing out is early water breaking, but in general, the pain after breaking the water will begin immediately. At this time, you can raise your hips. It is best to lie flat and send it to the hospital immediately.

4. There is a intention:

Without the stool, the pregnant mothers have very obvious stools, and the upper abdomen becomes relaxed. This is also a symptom of labor.

Generally, pregnant mothers have the above four symptoms before giving birth. The order of appear is regardless of the presence. If there is one of these symptoms, they must clean up things and go to the hospital with their families to give birth.

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