Do you ask me to get pregnant and get pregnant, the boss (director) or arrange me what to do at night?

First of all, there are some problems.In fact, in the age when I was a hospitalization doctor, it was a big thing to get pregnant and not at work.At that time, the night shift at work as usual as usual was normal.

Many female doctors and nurses around me were born at work at night shifts. They often helped others to take birth with a big belly. After receiving the birth, I found that I was giving birth, so I gave birth directly in the delivery room.

Well, I admit that it was a bit humane that era, but now it is a bit going to another extreme.After a few days of menstruation, I went to test the blood in a few days. Slightly increased at β-HCG, and I was lying on the bed at home.My old colleagues had a joke. I was already a senior obstetrics and gynecologist. Suddenly one day, a high -profile claiming that I was pregnant. I had to take a sick leave at home to rest and settle the tires.class.Who knew that after two weeks, she came back to work again. Later, everyone knew that she was not pregnant at all. She thought she was pregnant, and after two weeks of menstruation in bed, menstruation came for two weeks.

After pregnancy, most people can continue to work and continue at night.

However, whether to continue to work or not to continue at night shifts should be dependent on the specific situation.

Continue to work after pregnancy or at night, everyone’s biggest concern is whether it is too tired to delay the work and whether it will cause abortion and premature birth.And some people after pregnancy, especially during early pregnancy and late pregnancy, are not in good condition. Early pregnancy is always pregnant and dozing off.In good health, it will also affect work efficiency and work effects.

In fact, there are not many industries that often continue to continue on duty after pregnancy, mainly in the medical industry, mainly doctors and nurses of hospitals.After the second -child policy is open, many obstetrics and gynecology hospitals and comprehensive hospitals have increased sharply, and the first bed is difficult to find and it is difficult to build a card.However, the most anxious is not pregnant women, but the dean of the hospital and the obstetric director.After the second child policy was opened, the nurse was pregnant, the inpatient doctors were pregnant, and the attending doctors were pregnant. Some deputy chief physicians were also pregnant.TM Millennium Iron Tree has blossomed!

These people are the main force of writing medical history, looking at clinics, surgery, and night shifts.If you agree that everyone is not at night shifts, then the obstetrics are basically unable to open.

So, please be considerate of your boss (dean), please forgive your director of the department, please spare your head nurse, TAs have no way.

In most cases, the work class can continue, and the night shift is valuable, but pay attention to good safety, not only your own safety and health, but also the safety and health of patients.

The problems and difficulties that pregnant women may face at night shifts

Once an emergency emergency, no one may help you.

Insufficient sleep after pregnancy may affect your work efficiency.

If the night shift is too busy, the pressure may lead to an increase in abortion or premature birth risk.

After pregnancy, memory may decrease, the response will be dull, and the attention will not be easily concentrated. If you are a doctor or nurse, this is a risk factor for patient safety.

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