Do you dare to get pregnant when blood sugar is high?##

When she was about to get on the car, Xiao Jinhua hurriedly chased and said that a fan asked several times about whether the blood sugar was high. The blood sugar of this netizen was 8.0 and asked if he could get pregnant.Jinhua was embarrassed to ask me to be popular at night.

Is it the first time she found that the blood sugar was 8.0?

Is blood sugar empty or after meals?

Does the family have a history of diabetes genetic?

Are there any common symptoms of diabetes, such as eating too much, drinking more, more urine, and weight loss?

The diagnostic criteria for diabetes are that the empty blood glucose is greater than 7.0; the 2h after the meal is greater than 11.1.If there is no symptoms, only once blood glucose increases, diagnosis cannot be confirmed.Tell her to test the empty blood glucose again in a few days. If it is still greater than 7mmol/L, it can be diagnosed as diabetes.

If female diabetic patients want to be pregnant, they must first evaluate their blood glucose situation. Pay attention to the problem of not getting pregnant in the case of poor blood glucose control. We must ensure that your blood sugar control is normal and then consider the problem of pregnancy.This woman must systematically review the course of diabetes, such as the time to occur in diabetes, medication, whether hypoglycemia has occurred.And whether the history of fertility is normal, including pregnancy, including whether menstruation is normal, these are considered.In the case of pregnancy, you should also pay attention to evaluating the whole body situation, such as checking the electrocardiogram, checking the liver, and kidney skills to comprehensively evaluate her physical condition.

It is recommended that she do the blood glucose OGTT test, glycated hemoglobin, etc. to further clarify the condition and deal with it in a timely manner. If it is clear that diabetes can be considered for treatment of hypoglycemic drugs, such as dinomyracka, Grezite, insulin and other drugs.Low fat, eat less meals, and also need to adjust the diet structure. Daily quantitatives every day. Three meals must eat less staple foods, eat more vegetables, or staple foods can be mixed with some coarse grains. Eat less potatoes and sweet potatoes such as starch content.Try to eat less foods such as fruits, candy, drinks, etc.30 minutes after a meal, actively exercise exercise.

The key is that if diagnosis is diabetes, you must go to the Department of Endocrinology, and gradually adjust the dose of hypoglycemic drugs under the guidance of a doctor.Pay attention to controlling weight and use insulin to replace oral hypoglycemic drugs.Pay more attention to diet to avoid blood sugar fluctuations.

Because high blood sugar during early pregnancy increases abortion, fetal stopping, and fetal malformation risk, the risk of other obstetric complications will increase the risk of other obstetrics, such as hypertension during pregnancy.Children, newborns hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, hypocritic magnesium and so on.So after half a year after the blood glucose drops to normal level and controls blood sugar at the normal range.Consider preparing pregnancy to avoid pregnancy diabetes after pregnancy.

Diabetes encourages actively to control diabetes by exercise during the treatment. You must choose a exercise method that is suitable and persistent, you can take a walk, jog, yoga, swimming, etc. in principle. In principle, you can bear it yourselfGenerally, exercise is generally needed for five days a week. It is better to exercise for more than thirty minutes each time. Exercise should be sweaty.

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