Do you eat onions with high blood pressure?Doctor’s tips: If you want to stabilize blood pressure, try to eat these 3 kinds of food as little as possible

Hypertension is called an invisible killer that endangers middle -aged and elderly life. Many patients have no fundamental discomfort before diagnosis of the disease for 1 to 2 weeks before the disease is diagnosed, which will cause the disease to delay until it develops into intermediate hypertension symptoms.

According to the latest data statistics, my country has 268 million people with high blood pressure diseases, and the high -risk induction stage is 45 to 55 years old, of which 11.3%of them are younger.

Despite the continuous development of medical technology, chronic metabolic diseases caused by high blood pressure have not been found to be completely cured, and they can only be controlled according to the patient’s own discomfort symptoms.


Early early warning signal of hypertension

Many people often have insomnia and dreams, and it is difficult to fall asleep. It is easier to wake up at nightmares.Patients with hypertension can lead to expansion of the heart, myocardial hypertrophy, and incomplete heart function, so the palpitations can be changed.

There are also some people who do not show the skin of the toes and fingers. Generally, the fingers are not flexible to walk with the ants, and even a numbness appears in a certain part. It feels abnormal and half -bodies. Some people have headaches.Signal of vicious hypertension conversion.

Some women also have a sense of dizziness, mainly when they suddenly squat or stand, and even have a long duration of tinnitus, and the real reasons behind them are controlled at the same time.


Do you eat onions with high blood pressure?Doctor’s tips: If you want to stabilize blood pressure, try to eat these 3 kinds of food as little as possible

Onion is also known as a round green onion and so on. It belongs to the genus Lily family. It can be used as seasoning because it contains protein, carbohydrates and other minerals. It can also meet the needs of the human body.The effect of health care, especially in it, has the effect of anti -free radicals and antioxidant, so it is beneficial to anti -inflammatory and anti -thrombosis, and it has a certain help to remove cholesterol to remove cholesterol.Horey also has a certain effect of anti -free radicals and anti -aging.

A variety of organic vulcosions in onions can inhibit cholesterol and can to a certain extent to play a role in anti -arteriosclerosis and anti -thrombosis.At the same time, some studies believe that sulfides and citrin molten albate may have a certain anti -tumor effect.Prostatin A can also expand blood vessels, which will help lower blood pressure and lower fat.Sulfur and soluble fibers help protect the stomach.

Therefore, the onion does have certain benefits to the human body, but onions cannot be eaten more. From the perspective of health care, raw onions are better than cooked onions, but the most of them are half a day, because some of the substances in it will stimulate the stomach. If the patient itself is itself itselfThere are gastrointestinal diseases, or if the body is weak, and allergic to onions, it is best to eat cautiously.


Experts remind: If you want to stabilize your blood pressure, or touch these three vegetarian food

1. Spicy food

Foods of pepper, ginger, pepper, and so on are stimulating, which can cause oral and gastrointestinal damage. Under the stimulation of capsaicin, it is more likely to cause blood pressure to increase the concentration of blood pressure.There is no benefit. During the cooking process, we should pay more attention to the intake of oil and salt, so as not to cause the kidney function to increase.

2. Strong tea or coffee

Tea polyphenols in coffee or coffee and caffeine factors can cause patients with nervous sensitivity to high blood pressure patients. The continuous contraction of the blood vessels in the brain causes the pressure of the inner wall of the blood pressure.Excited, causing arrhythmia, panic, and shortness of breath, so you should quit strong tea and coffee as soon as possible.

3. Pickled vegetables

Whether it is a doctor or a family, it is recommended that patients with high blood pressure eat less pickled vegetables. Put a large amount of condiments and edible salt in the process of pickling.The pressure of pressure continues to increase, and it is more prone to hypertension complications. For a normal person, the intake of salt should be controlled below 6 grams a day.

High -blood pressure diet taboos must be kept in mind. After all, this is a chronic metabolism. Disease treatment is still critical. It should also be done for a long time and adhere to it for a long time.

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