Do you eat popsicles in the new crown throat?

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Doctor introduction

Dr. Gughakra Aishan, Huashan North College

Recently, the "Top Ten Torture" of the new crown is very hot. One of the symptoms is called "throat swallowing blade", which means that after being infected by the virus, the sore throat is as painful as swallowing blades. It is very painful to eat and water in water.So why is our throat so painful?In fact, it is because the pain of the pharynx feels nerve fiber from the lumbers and pharyngeal nerves, trigeminal nerves, paraneciders, vagus nerves and other nerves. These various nerve endings are intertwined vertically in the pharynx, so it feels painful when it is stimulated by any kind of stimulus throat.Essence

How can we relieve pain in the throat?Now on the Internet, it is popular with ice cream, ice cream, and popsicles to relieve sore throat. In fact, this is the use of medical cold compresses.Cold compresses can shrink our local blood vessels, reduce its permeability, and reduce exudation, so it can relieve pain to a certain extent.If you want to try this method, it is recommended that you can freeze the mineral water, or use ice cubes to serve in the mouth for one to two minutes. After the water temperature rises, you can swallow or vomit directly.More cold drinks lead to worsening symptoms.Others include honey and hard sugar can also relieve the pain of our throat, and there are all kinds of slices that can be bought on the market, which can relieve the symptoms of sore throat.Finally remind everyone that when you are sore in your throat, do n’t forget to keep your mouth clean. Remember to brush your teeth after meals. You can also use mouthwash or salt to rinse your mouth.Although the throat is very painful, don’t forget, drink plenty of water, eat well. If the pain is increasing, remember to go to the doctor in time.

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