Do you feel after you are pregnant?These 6 pregnancy signals may wish to check for self -check

After the two people walk together, they will become a strong affection with time, and the birth of the child tightly tied the two to together, so that the family has a common goal of life and the future of life and the future.Essence

Many people began to prepare for a period of time after marriage, ready to welcome the baby’s arrival, but many pregnant mothers did not perceive the signal of the baby’s arrival in the early days.

In fact, early pregnancy is not unprecedented, and even symptoms will occur within a week of pregnancy. If you can grasp the subtle changes in your body, you can find a little angel as soon as possible.

Memoral discontinuation: Take healthy women as an example. Generally, the menstrual cycle of women will arrive on time every month, and there are their own exclusive laws.

If the previous menstrual period has been stable, and there have been sex with no protection measures in the near future, if the menstruation is not as close as approaching, it may be the signal of pregnancy, and it is also the primary manifestation of angels.

Sleeping too much: When the fertilized eggs start to bed, the expectant mother’s body will change the physiological function and hormones in order to meet the newly -stayed guests in the uterus, and the nutrition in the mother’s body will be divided into the baby.

At the same time, the placenta will gradually begin to develop, and nutrition needs to be maintained, so early expectant mothers will have symptoms such as fatigue and drowsiness.

Emotional changes: Pregnancy will first affect hormone secretion. The severe hormonal fluctuations will interfere with the emotions of expectant mothers. Therefore, expectant mothers are prone to emotional excitement, irritability, and anxious crying.

If the emotions have changed dramatically before, and the aunt is not delayed, it may be that the angel has come.

Breast change: According to clinical data, pregnant mothers can have different degrees of breast changes in the early days, such as breasts often feel full or painful, nipple pigment gradually precipitates, soft breasts, etc. are the most common changes during pregnancy.Essence

The symptoms will be alleviated after the second trimester, and the symptoms will be obvious again, which is mainly related to the secretion of progesterone and prolactin in women’s body.

Change of taste: After pregnancy, women’s original taste and taste will also change.Some female friends will feel that they want to eat heavy foods such as sour and spicy, and they are not interested in the food she loves before.

However, there are a small number of pregnant women who always feel metal in the mouth and are not interested in anything.

Speaking of the point: pregnancy vomiting.Women often feel nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy. This feeling is the most obvious in morning vomiting. Some expectant mothers may also have strong pregnancy vomiting at noon and at night.However, after a month, the symptoms of vomiting can be relieved.

Only some of the "lucky" women have no performance of pregnancy during pregnancy.

The above six symptoms are the most common performance in the early pregnancy stage, especially the "menopause" signal cannot be ignored.If the menstrual period has been very stable, but recently "late" has been "late" for more than 7-10 days, and menstruation still has no sign of arrival, it may be the signal of pregnancy.judge.

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