Do you get pregnant unexpectedly after using a condom?The reason is that you do not use the condom correctly

The life of husband and wife is a topic that cannot be around.The advent of new life is a big deal, and diseases such as AIDS are even more avoided.Whether it is the time to control the baby or prevent the spread of the disease, it should take the initiative as a woman.After all, accidental pregnancy or illness has a great impact on women’s physical and mental.Today our protagonist is Ms. Liu, who was unexpectedly pregnant because she did not correctly use a condom.

Ms. Liu, 26 years old, entered the palace of marriage with Mr. Wu in January this year and formed a happy family.Because both of them are on the rise, the two discussed their children two years after marriage, and their thoughts were also supported by both parents.Because the two are usually busy, Mr. Wu often travels on a business trip. The two have not been sexually lived. Two or three times in January, they use condoms each time. Ms. Liu did not accidentally get pregnant.But two weeks after the couple of the month, Ms. Liu had a vomiting phenomenon. After a pregnancy test, the two bright red bars appeared in front of Ms. Liu’s eyes. Ms. Liu was pregnant.

At this time, Ms. Liu was very panicked and confused. Why did she still get pregnant with a condom? Before thinking about it, Ms. Liu and Mr. Wu immediately went to the hospital.

After waiting for the obstetrics and gynecology experts in the clinic, it was half an hour later. It was Ms. Liu’s turn.The doctor asked about Ms. Liu’s physical condition and the sexual living conditions of the husband and wife. The doctor told Ms. Liu that you should have a problem with a contraceptive set, so you have caused accidental pregnancy. Since you do not intend to have a child for the time being, then you have to take the child.Children flow away, but have a large damage to the woman. After the operation, the woman should maintain her body and reduce the workload.

Ms. Liu was in a complicated mood after listening, and asked the doctor: "Why do we still get pregnant with a condom?"

The doctor said: "The condom has different sizes according to the width, divided into large, medium, small, and special trumpets. When selected, if the size is large and easy to fall off, semen may enter the vagina and cause accidental pregnancy; if the size is small, the size is small; if the size is small, the size is small;It is easy to cause discomfort and even affect the erectile function. The conventional size is medium. Pay attention to the choice of size. "

After listening, Mr. Wu said: "That’s my buying it, and I will pay attention in the future. Is there a matter of material in terms of material?"

The doctor said: "The common material of condoms is glue, and natural rubber condoms are soft and high in comfort. They are usually preferred. Some people may be allergic to glue lactation, mainly manifested as urticaria, asthma, and mucosal swelling.Causes a systemic reaction. Those who are allergic to glue can choose a thinner PU polyurethane or more skin -based PI polyphonone. "

Mr. Wu said, "Understand, doctors, do we have to pay attention?"

The doctor said: "When using a condom, first choose the size and size of your own. Second, check whether the air leakage before use. Third, you need to use it throughout the process. Fourth, after the end of sexual life, check whether there is anyThe phenomenon of rupture. If all these precautions are done, they can effectively contraception to prevent the spread of diseases such as sex diseases and AIDS. "

Mr. Wu said, "Thank you, do you know much about the condom. It seems that you still have to do more homework to avoid accidental pregnancy and cause harm to my wife’s body." Ms. Liu was moved after hearing, and also said, "Thank youDoctor, I and my husband will pay attention to the use of condoms. "

Fertility is the nature of human beings, but there are many uncertain factors in contraception, so scientific contraception is especially important for the harmony between the two people’s world.

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