Do you have the customs at home after your hometown?

1. Pregnancy cannot participate in red and white happy events.The old man said that a happy event would go, and he would collide with a newcomer.Bai Ni is afraid of bad pregnant women.Now think that there are too many things, there are too many people, there are many noise, and there are many children, which is not good for pregnant women.

2. You cannot participate in the funeral of your loved ones. When you block the coffin, you cannot see the last side, and you cannot go to the graveyard of your loved ones to avoid the collapse of the grave.My aunt said that her mother went to the cemetery 100 days ago because she was okay. Later, she heard that her mother’s grave was cracked.

3. You cannot pick fruit trees when you are pregnant.One statement is that the second year is not result; the second statement is that it will have a miscarriage.My sister next door took me the oily peach of her family last year. This year, it was good.The plums, peaches, and fruit trees in our family basically picked them. My mother said that she would not die if she had no poisonous trees.This statement is estimated to be afraid that pregnant women will hurt themselves.

4. Children who cannot touch for less than 3 months of pregnancy.Touching the child’s teeth or diarrhea.My second cousin touched the son of the big cousin for 2 months when she was pregnant. In the evening, my aunt asked me if my second cousin had touched the child. The child of the big cousin pulled for 2 days.Another saying is to feed the children a spoon of water after touching it.

5. The furniture and unable to use the furniture and unable to use the clothes.

6. You can’t take the wedding bed of a newcomer when you are pregnant, otherwise the newcomer will make a divorce and feel disagreeable.

7. The aunt has been pregnant for more than 5 months, and has always been cautious. I did not expect to attend the grandfather’s funeral. After returning home, she was uncomfortable and always couldn’t help it.

8. Let me first say that in the face of the various customs at home, I really can’t stand it. First of all, the things in the family cannot be moved or new from after pregnancy.What should I do for the next few months?

9. Do not move the items, cannot move the soil, and see the bloody things.

10. You can’t hold someone else’s children after pregnancy.I was afraid that the child would not know the weight and kicked the stomach of the pregnant woman.

It is not easy to get pregnant in October. Those who can avoid taboos should pay attention.

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