Do you have to sleep with the old cen room?Pregnant mothers answered like this, different from what you think

Recently, a variety show "Freshman Diary" has been played by Mango Terrace, inviting several stars mothers during pregnancy to record their daily life.Li Ai is one of them.

In the first phase, Li Ai exposed that she was sleeping with her husband. All the guests were shocked. Some said that "room division is equal to living", but Li Ai is accustomed to it. Everyone expressed that she did not understand.

In our traditional concept, the couple sleeps in a room, that is, the relationship is discord. No matter how noisy it is, it cannot be separated, which will affect the feelings too much.

So do I need to sleep separately during pregnancy?First listen to what everyone says

@Lost beautiful: There is no separate room during the whole pregnancy. As soon as he let him go to other rooms, he will be angry.

@: Honestly, now I really want to sleep in separate rooms. My husband’s molars at night are too scary. I worry about being bitten in minutes, and I always stay up late.I don’t have a good rest myself.

@: After I was pregnant, my husband was very careful and worried that he would meet me, so we decided to sleep separately.

@: When I was pregnant, my husband was particularly considerate of me, worried that I would not sleep well, and started to sleep in separate rooms. After waiting after confinement, I slept together.

@:: My husband snoring and shaking the sky. Before my sleeping quality, my sleep quality has been good, but after pregnancy, I am prone to insomnia. I often sleep first, and then I wake him up.I slept first before sleeping, and we decided to sleep in the house for this, but the relationship was still very good.

In fact, the mode of getting along with each husband and wife is different, as Li Ai said: the sleeping habits of two people are different. Her husband has snoring, wakes up, and sleeps together.Such a separate time is better for us.Husbands and wives were originally accommodated to each other and respect each other.

If it really affects the normal rest of the pregnant mothers, this way is also a good choice.But you really must pay attention to this: those who decide to sleep in the room:

1. Daily communication

Although the bed is divided, the feelings are not separated. Usually there are more concerns in life and less disputes.In encountering differences, calmness and solution.

2. Tell your husband in time when you are uncomfortable during pregnancy

During pregnancy, due to physical changes, expectant mothers may feel uncomfortable at any time. Although they sleep in separate houses, their husbands cannot be too far away. If they are uncomfortable, they can wake up her husband to help in time.

The prerequisite for sleeping during pregnancy must be that two people communicate well and maintain the feelings between them.

Let’s talk about, do you choose to sleep in a separate room during pregnancy?

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