Do you have to terminate your pregnancy after X -ray or CT test during pregnancy?

In daily life, when people suffer from disease, they can often hear the physical examination of CT or X -ray when they go to the hospital.The source of the disease is treated.Although these examinations have certain radiation on the human body, it has no effect on ordinary normal people, but if the inspection object is pregnant, some people think that pregnant women have made X -rays and CTs.Is it correct to terminate pregnancy?

In fact, the uterus will not be directly illuminated due to CT and X -rays of CT and X -rays after pregnancy.Walls and amniotic fluid are protected, and if you do the head CT, the radiation of the fetus can be said to be zero.

And in general, the X -ray or CT is taken once, and the amount of radiation contained in it is far lower. This is far lower than the range that everyone needs to worry about, and the impact on pregnancy is insignificant.In addition, most diagnostic radioactive examinations are safe, and there is no need to worry about whether the baby in the stomach is damaged.If there is a dose, it is quite low.

In fact, the American Radiation Society also clarifies the dosage of a single -diagnostic X -ray examination.But it is important to emphasize the words "diagnosticity". If it is "therapeutic" radiological dose, it is another thing.

In fact, if conditions permit, you can also choose an image -free imaging examination, such as B -ultrasound and magnetic resonance. These are absolutely safe for the fetus.However, if the conditions are required, you should still choose CT and other inspections.

So, can pregnant women take medicine during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, pregnant women must not only take care of their bodies, but also take care of the baby in the stomach, so they get sick during pregnancy. Many pregnant women do not know if they can take medicine.To the baby.

In fact, pregnant women can also take medicine, but in the case of scientific and reasonable, because the pregnant woman is pregnant, the body has poor metabolism on the drug. Some drugs are difficult to excrete the body, accumulating will form toxicity, which will have a certain impact on the baby.Therefore, pregnant women should be cautious with the help of a doctor, choose drugs that affect the body and fetuses with small medicines, and do not take the medicine by themselves.

If pregnant women are sick during pregnancy, go to the doctor in time, be cautious when taking medicine, and be sure to take the medicine on the doctor’s advice.C T and X -rays are actually not as terrible to the public’s imagination on the baby’s radiation. If they are really scared, they can also negotiate with the doctor through other examination methods. Do not delay treatment because of fear of radiation.

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