Do you just sleep after eating?"Stupid" is so lazy

I heard that you became more and more lazy after pregnancy?Every day, I do n’t want to wash my hair or I do n’t want to wash rice. I do n’t want to do n’t even go to the toilet!After eating, I lie on the bed and sleep, and I am also worried that my mind is getting more and more dull and worse. Do you get the legendary "one pregnancy and three years" disease?Don’t be stupid, your "pregnancy silly" is not pregnant, but that you do not move your mind to become stupid …

How lazy is the woman after pregnancy?

@: After pregnancy, the husband’s husband was washed by himself, and the meal was made by my husband. I scan the floor at most, except for eating time, most of the other time is sleeping.After lunch, I have to sleep for three or four minutes, and I often sleep until dark.

@小 230: Did Moms of Bao feel lazy during pregnancy?I think I am so lazy now. I have to help my husband in bathing and shampooing. I often help my mother cook in my mother’s house. Now I rarely get off the kitchen. If my husband goes to work, I can do not wash my hair for a week.I, baby, you are stinky and don’t wash ~~ 囧 囧 ~~ How can it be so lazy?Or is it broken by a warm -hearted husband?~ ~

@0411: After the reaction of pregnancy, the rice does not want to do, the bowl is not stubborn, the clothes do not want to wash, the hygiene at home is dirty.Is the rhythm of death?

The expectant mother is too lazy to move the brain, the baby’s brain is blunt

Women who are pregnant have a large response, and a lot of reactions such as pregnancy vomiting back pain back pain leg cramps have made you very tired and lazy.Later, these uncomfortable reactions were gone, but the pregnant mother was used to doing nothing but eating and drinking. The most important thing is that even basic thinking is lazy!I do n’t know if I do n’t want to know today, I do n’t want to know today. It ’s nothing to do outside … Actually, the steward said that it is often worried!Because the baby in the stomach will also be affected by mummy and become unwilling to move, which will affect the development of the fetal brain!

The pregnant mother believes that the pregnant mothers are not really so lazy, they just think that it is normal changes in pregnancy, but I do n’t know that their laziness will also affect the fetus. So, from today, we study hard, every day, and full, be full of full, and be full of a full, full of a full, be fullPositive mommy!

How to become a prospective mummy full of positive energy?

Don’t do anything if you are pregnant

Life lies in exercise, and the baby feels that everything of mommy starts from exercise.Some mothers do nothing after pregnancy. They are also beautiful, and they are called tires. In fact, they are lazy to find reasons for themselves.In addition to the mother who is not suitable for labor, in fact, proper labor and life can not only make themselves not so boring, but also a good way of prenatal education.

Take a look at the pregnancy and parenting books, learn more about breeding knowledge

Although reading is not the hobbies of every mother, understanding of pregnancy and parenting knowledge is the homework that modern mothers must do.It is not necessary to read the parenting TV program, or to see the mother -to -child knowledge articles pushed by the precautions of our pregnant women every night at 20 o’clock in the evening.

Develop your hobbies, don’t let yourself be closed

Some mothers no longer learn and pursue progress as soon as they are pregnant, and even their own industry knowledge and professional skills have been put down.In fact, mothers have a lot of free time during pregnancy. If they do not use these times, they will feel boring. The overall care for the trivial matters of garlic, so that they will increase the possibility of depression during pregnancy.Then, if you choose to read a book, understand the industry’s trends and familiarize themselves with professional skills. Once you return to work, you will not be too outdated.In addition, learning some flowers, understanding some manual or studying cooking skills, these are also very good choices. At least, don’t close yourself, don’t let yourself be derailed with the world.

It is still necessary to take the sun and take a walk

Many pregnant mothers are afraid of sunbathing. In fact, the sun will help the fetal brain development.Ultraviolet rays are not all full of damage. Properly absorbing a little outdoor natural light ultraviolet rays can help the synthesis of vitamin D, thereby playing a role in calcium supplementation.In addition, exercise is also essential. Simple walking and even swimming are very helpful for the development of the fetus. Moreover, it can also create good conditions for the birth of the delivery, and it is also good for production.

Thinking is the key to solving "pregnancy stupid"

The old saying is not to say that you do n’t practice your hands in a day, do n’t talk about life for three days, do n’t worry about rust, do n’t people learn to be behind?

In fact, the brain is the same. Your headquarters is willing to think and imagine with it. It can not work at home. It is long, the memory is worse, and the response is slow.Silly fact.

Therefore, don’t let your brain "rust" because you don’t do anything and don’t think about it.

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