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Squid is the protagonist who is not allowed

Squid, also known as soft fish and gun squid, is a more common marine aquatic product. It is rich in the human body’s required calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, iodine, manganese, copper and other trace elements, high protein, low fat, low fat,Low calories, nutritional value is not inferior to beef and tuna.

Squid is widely distributed in the tropical and temperate waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean between 40 ° north -south latitude. It has the characteristics of short life cycle, fast growth, high fertility, and rapid resource recovery.One of the first -footed marine animals with development potential.It is a natural and high -quality food from the ocean.Common types are: sword -pointed gun squid, Chinese gun squid, Pacific pleated soft fish, Lai’s proposed squid, Argentine big squid and so on.

Squid body is rich in high -quality high -density protein, as well as trace elements such as vitamin B1, iron, calcium, etc.Except for internal organs, the cholesterol content is not high. Moderate consumption can supplement a variety of nutrients, which has a good prevention effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is conducive to human health.

According to statistics, the global squid consumption is more than 2.7 million tons each country is the main consumer of squid in the world. The consumption of squid annually reaches 800,000 tons, and it is also the world’s largest squid fishing country and trade importer.

Shi Island, relying on the unique advantages of marine resources and marine fishing, vigorously develops squid fishing and processing industries, and has become the largest squid processing industry base in the country.

Fishing ability

Squid is one of the main fishing varieties of local marine fisheries in Ishima. There are 11 ocean fishery companies in the district engaged in squid fishery production. They have more than 150 fishing boats such as squid fishing, fences and dragging nets., Southeast Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and Southwest Atlantic Sea, fishing operations, the main varieties of stems such as soft fish, Argentine smooth fish, Indian ocean kite squid, soft fish, and Pacific pleated fish.The annual fishing return volume is nearly 200,000 tons.

Transaction and cold chain capabilities

In addition, as the largest international fishery and goods trading center in the northern my country, Ishima relies on the country’s open port -Ishima Port relying on the country in the country. Procurement and imports from abroad, nearly 200,000 tons of squid into the warehouse, have initially formed a "buying global" raw material supply pattern.

Processing capacity

The huge squid fishing and throughput capacity has quickly grown into one of the pillar industries of Shimao’s local aquatic industry in Shimao. At present, there are more than 50 squid processing enterprises in the region, and the annual processing volume of squid is nearly 300,000 tons, accounting for about the whole countryThe total processing volume is nearly 35 %.The squid foreign trade processing cluster relied on Ishima Port as the centered on Ishima Port, with complete service functions such as international cold chain logistics, international food storage, transportation and sales, etc., to realize the full fullness of squid from fishing, re -transportation, deep processing, transaction and transportation services, etc.The integration and development of the industrial chain.

It can be said that on the table of Chinese people, one squid is from Shima every 3 squids.Squid deep processing series products have become the main focus of local "Shima Fresh Food" high -end marine prefabricated dishes.

In Ishima, a number of squid processing backbone companies such as Haidu, Pushen, Xinfa, Guangrun, Mingyuan, Yukai, Jiansheng, and Ocean Village have already influenced the industry.Among them, Chishan Group Co., Ltd. is the largest company in the country’s largest squid processing group.Argentine squid, Peruvian squid, northern Pacific squid … Every year, deep -sea squids from the ocean "travel" into Shi Island, relying on the two big squid processing companies of Haidu Food and Haibo Foods under the Chishan Group to form the largest domestic squid deep deepThe processing base, through standardized production technology, uses a "one squid" to do its best and uses it.

Squid circle, squid fillet, squid beard, squid flower, spicy squid, garlic fan squid, squid sauce … In this company, more than 100,000 tons of squid every year are processed into hundreds of squid foods, and againFrom Ishima "You" to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Squid can be cooked in various ways such as fried, boiled, barbecue, frying, microwave, steamed and other methods.In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of processing skills, squid has been widely used as raw materials to make prefabricated dishes and instant snacks. It is loved by consumer groups at different ages and has become a nutritious food for people in the world in the world.


How to make squid?

Let the editor teach you two tricks,

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Iron squid

Are you like Xiaobian, remembering the iron plate squid stall at the school gate?A cumin powder and white sesame seeds, the fragrant flavor of the nose makes people walk away.

In fact, this dish is also very simple to make at home. After the squid is cleaned, brush a layer of oil and garlic spicy sauce, place it on the pan and fry, then pour a little oil and barbecue.Change color.The tender and smooth taste of squid hit the rich sauce flavor, which is really super satisfied!

Squid steamed tofu

As home -centered seafood, many people love the sweet taste of squid and the meat quality of Q bombs. Steaming is the best way to highlight its umami.

Cut the clean squid to the ring, add cooking wine after boiling the water, and quickly burn it.Lay a squid and green onions on the tofu, sprinkle a little salt, and steam for ten minutes.When the pan is out of the pan, picked the ginger and green onion and ginger. After pouring the soup, spread the green onion and millet pepper, pour the steamed fish soy sauce, and the squid and tofu bomb the tender taste, which complements each other!

Bai Shi small tube

The small tube is a kind of squid. Although the head is small, it tastes very delicious.The fresh small tube is translucent, approximately transparent, and the surface texture exudes seductive freshness.In the coastal city, a fresh and refreshing white -burning tube is the treasure of many restaurants.

Wash the small tube to the internal organs, cut it into a circle, and put it in boiling water.Use soy sauce, mustard, and Xiaomi to simply adjust the water. Eat the original flavor of the small tube, leaving all the fresh taste of the sea between lips and teeth.

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