Do you know how the "fetus" of the hospital’s abortion is processed?The answer makes people unbearable

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There are abortion every day. There are 1.4 billion people in China.

From the perspective of social development, although people’s awareness of safety is increasing, people’s opening level has reached an unprecedented height.When intimate behavior, when you are eager to enjoy without taking measures, or when young couples do not know enough about the common sense of gender, accidental pregnancy is prone to occur.

After unexpected pregnancy, choosing an abortion method is extremely important.Some young women choose to have a drug abortion because they are ashamed of opening their teeth, but the danger of drug abortion is extremely high, and it is easy to cause huge damage to the body of pregnant women.It is a necessary choice to go to a regular hospital under the guidance of a doctor.

If you pay attention to the local obstetrics and gynecology hospital, you will definitely find that many people will have abortion in the hospital every day.This has aroused our curiosity. How does the fetus for so many abortion pregnant women be treated after abortion?

In regular hospitals, after pregnant women have abortion, the fetus after abortion usually undergo incineration or unified medical treatment, which is the most common treatment method.

Because of the different month, there will be a large gap between the body size of the abortion fetus, and it is a common way to directly incinerate and bury.

Of course, some will also be treated as a waste of medical surgery.

In the process of abortion of pregnant women, how does a doctor deal with the fetus?

Different pregnancy months, doctors adopt different abortion methods.

Under the premise of ensuring safety, when some pregnancy time is very short and the fetus does not take shape, doctors sometimes adopt the method of abortion.Of course, the production of drug flow requires the hospitalization of pregnant women to avoid accidents.

Divine abortion is aimed at unaginged fetuses. At this time, fetal abortion is usually processed as medical surgical waste.

When pregnant women are pregnant for more than a certain time, the fetus has been formed. At this time, the risk of drug abortion will increase. In most cases, artificial abortion needs to be performed.

The process of abortion is actually cruel. At this time, the fetus has been formed and has a heartbeat.Although the child has no consciousness, it has the characteristics of life.The process of miscarriage is also very cruel. First, the fetus loses life through the drug, and then take measures to make the fetus smoothly discharge from the body.

Sometimes, because the fetus is too large or reduces the damage to the body of pregnant women, the doctor will use surgical pliers to "dispel" the formal fetus before discharging the body.

Therefore, to maintain the most basic restraint between men and women, maintaining the most basic and most basic common sense of gender is not only concerned and respect for the other half, but also the attention of life.

Before preparing for preparation, it is not only the trust of both parties, but also the harm to our humanity.A lively life is not enough to attract our attention because of our irresponsibility, even because of the momentary negligence?

Taking contraceptive measures when conducting intimate behavior is not only a manifestation of a person’s quality, but also our love for life.

Don’t let a lively life lose the opportunity to see light because of your momentary impulse and negligence.In the face of these painful thinking, we should even have more responsibilities and responsibilities for gender contact.

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