Do you know how the dog admits relatives?

As the best friend of human beings, dogs can not only provide us to accompany us, but also protect our safety in some special circumstances.However, as animals, their cognition and perception ability is different from humans.This article will explore how the dogs identify their son and the problems and solutions that may be encountered.

First, we need to understand the basic knowledge of the dog.Factors such as the gender, age, and appearance of the dog are all related to their behavior and cognition.Gong dogs and bitches will have different behaviors after sexual maturity, and the bitch will go through the estrus and may be pregnant.In terms of age, puppies will complete growth and development within a few months after birth, while aging dogs may have cognitive impairment.In addition, the dog’s variety, body shape, hair color and other factors will also affect their behavior and cognition.

Dog’s behavior learning is also an important basis for identifying his son.The dog’s sense of smell, hearing, vision and other perceived organs can help them perceive the surrounding environment.Batters can recognize the puppies they born by smell, and male dogs can judge the gender and estrus of other dogs through the sense of smell.In addition, dogs can learn different sounds and shapes by hearing and vision.

Parent -child identification is a way to confirm whether dogs are their son.The bloodline certificate is a common parent -child appraisal method to determine its parent -child relationship by recording the family blood relationship between dogs.It should be noted that the pedigree certificate is not necessarily 100%accurate, so it needs to be confirmed in combination with other methods.

When confirming parent -child relationships, some problems may be encountered.For example, it is impossible to confirm whether the dog is pregnant, improper postpartum care, etc.To solve these problems, we can use medical equipment or consulting professionals.For example, veterinarians can check whether dogs are pregnant through ultrasonic and other equipment, and provide advice on postpartum care.

In short, dogs, as animals, have limited cognition and perception, but can still identify their son through perception such as behavior learning and smell, hearing, vision.When confirming the parent -child relationship, you need to pay attention to some issues and solve it with the help of professionals.We should respect and care for dogs and let them have a happy and healthy life cycle.

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