Do you know how to eat "Dao Song Agricultural" nutrition and healthy black beans?

According to data, Chinese residents have problems with unreasonable dietary structures. Oil and salt intake are much higher than the recommendation value, while soy products, milk, and fruits consumption is obviously insufficient.

Daorong Agriculture

Black beans, with the reputation of "Douzhong Shangpin", "meat in Tianzhong", "Kidney Valley", "Wufa Lady" and other reputation.It also ranks the hot search list every month.Let’s disclose today, the four ways of eating black beans, classic and versatile!

Vinegar soaked black beans:

Black beans for vinegar are common ways to eat, and the practice is simple.Wash the black beans and dry it, put it in a wok, turn on the medium and small heat, stir -fry for about 8 minutes, until the black beans burst skin, and it turns crispy to smell the bean flavor.Then put the beans in the glass tank of oil-free and water, and pour it into Liangfen’s five-year-old vinegar soaked beans. After 3-5 days, it can be eaten.Tour, 2-3 pieces daily, a piece of appetizer is also good.

Daorong Agriculture

Black beans are put in vegetables, stewed meat is extremely fragrant:

Don’t look at the appearance of black beans.Whether it is chicken, beef or pork, black beans can be put in dishes.After a long stew, black beans have a strong taste that is similar to meat, and it tastes delicious and tonic.

Black bean soy milk, mellow and rich:

Black beans can be eaten not only, but also the delicious black soybean milk made.Wash the black beans for soaking for one night, pour the black beans and soaked water into the soymilk machine in the morning, fully crush the black beans, and then filter it in the cup with a filter.In this way, a cup of silky, mellow black soybean milk is just fine, tons of tons drink a large cup of light!

Daorong Agriculture

Daosong Agricultural Mall is a platform for authentic northeast characteristic agricultural and sideline products in China to promote the most distinctive original ecological agricultural products in the three northeast provinces such as "Five Songs Changye" and "Five Song Changzhang" northeast glutinous corn, mountain goods, and miscellaneous grains.Lord, every product has been carefully selected!Adhering to the business philosophy of "discussing, co -construction, sharing", the pattern of multi -base cooperation, combination of breeding and sales, multi -product layout, circular development, and brand agriculture have been initially formed.

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