Do you know the postpartum pregnancy period of pregnancy?

Lao Hu recently studied related knowledge during pregnancy. Once you see interesting content, he will share it with the expectant mothers who are scientific parenting!

So do you know what is going on in the period of pregnancy?

Do you know why there are in vitro pregnancy?

Do you know that the formation of intimacy between mother and child is also a critical period?

After nine months after the baby was born, it was about the consistency of the mother’s pregnancy. In 9 months, the general child has learned the ability to crawl and can start to rely on human normal food to grow, so this time point canIt is regarded as the end of the in vitro pregnancy.

It is not easy to raise a child. It is 10 months in the body and more than 9 months in vitro. During this time, all the children’s needs must be provided unconditionally by the mother, so as to ensure the child’s healthy growth.

Since the 9 -month -old child’s growth also depends on the supply of the mother. Why not stay in the mother’s body for a few months?

Hehe, this is the magic of life.

Biologists explained that when the baby grows up to 10 months in the mother’s body, the size of the brain is just in line with the current pelvic bone, but the baby’s skull still needs to grow, so it will not come out after not coming out.So he must come out.

It came out, but the dependency relationship between him and his mother still exists, so he will use his mother’s arm as a uterus and the mother’s breasts as umbilical cord and placenta.

Until about 9 months, he learned to crawl and could digest small pieces of food.

The moment when the mother gave birth to this strange world, there is a risk between the baby and the mother, which is the risk of connection.

In the past, this connection was solid, relying on amniotic fluid and umbilical cords, and is now separated. This connection depends on psychological factors.

Each mother has a sensitive period for establishing an intimate relationship with the child. Some children take it away from the mother as soon as they are born. After a period of time, the mother will miss the child, but when the child really gives her, becauseMissing the critical period of connection, the sensitivity driven by instinct has dropped to a very low level.

Therefore, let newborns and mothers contact the key period of the intimate relationship between mother and child!

Grasp the intimate relationship established in this critical period. During the in vitro pregnancy, the mother will have a strong perception of the sound, movement, and even ideas from the child.sensitive!

People who come here should have such experience. For example, Dad and Mom said that the division of labor is good. Tonight, Dad gets up to change diapers for the child, but often the child has been over and over for a long time. Dad is like a pig who sleeps like a pig.The mother woke up as soon as she moved, and then the mother pushed her father.

Sometimes even the baby was crying for a while. Dad was still sleepy. In fact, he heard crying, but he couldn’t get up.And the mother basically was spiritual as soon as she heard crying.

This huge difference is experienced!

However, this ability also needs to grasp the critical period. If you miss it, it is more difficult to cultivate.

The mothers who are moving with children also exist!

At the moment of childbirth and in vitro pregnancy, the baby has been connected to each other at the moment of childbirth. Since then, the baby has entered a new journey!

The basic philosophy of scientific parenting is childcare!

Let’s learn practice together!

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