Do you pay attention to avoid your mouth during pregnancy?For children, let’s take a look at how to eat this "three periods"?

Pregnancy is the most important thing for a woman’s happiness in life. During this period, protecting those who are fast -moving as a mother became the most important thing for a family.During this period, the diet of pregnant mothers is more or less ignored by everyone.

This is not recently on the hot search for avoiding taboos during pregnancy. Many people talk about eating food at will during pregnancy that affects the baby’s appearance characteristics and physical function.This must be worried by your mothers.

What are the hazards of not avoid?

Most doctors say that not avoiding the mouth will greatly increase the probability of malformations in the fetus, especially for the intake of alcohol and smoke, especially second -hand smoke, and stay away from the smokers.And spicy foods that are easy to get angry should also be eaten less, and strictly control your diet.

Pregnant women at the early stage should follow the principles of comprehensive scientific and nutrition.Due to the early pregnancy, many pregnant women will vomit and may also lose appetite. At this time, diet should be concerned.You can eat some high -calorie snacks, such as biscuits, yogurt, nuts, etc.

In the early pregnancy, comprehensive vitamins need to be supplemented, so you need to eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement various vitamins; you should also pay attention to the intake of protein and eat more high -protein foods, such as eggs, lean meat, fish, beans, etc.

The World Health Organization recommends that the choice of these four types of substances should be paid special attention.Protein: In the middle of pregnancy, the daily intake of high -quality protein should be added to 9g, such as eating two more eggs or drinking 300ml more milk; carbohydrates and fat: Generally, it is recommended to be about 25 grams in daily diet. It is best to be about 25 grams.The total fat amount is around 50 to 60 grams; vitamins: In the middle of pregnancy, mothers’ demand for B vitamins will increase, such as celery, spinach, asparagus, lean meat, beef, etc. are the best choices; water and inorganic salt: likeCalcium and iron, as well as some trace elements are essential. At the same time, you should drink enough water during the day to ensure smooth urination.

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers choose to eat some foods that can be available to ensure that the fetus will not be premature. According to statistics, it is still very effective.Yam, fish, and black rice are recommended. The effect of yam on kidney, spleen and lungs is obvious; while eating fish can supplement DNA to fill the development of the fetal brain, and it may also reduce the premature fetal birth.

Ingredients: 250g of carp, appropriate amount of green onions, winter vegetables, ginger and oil and salt.


1. Wash the carp and remove the fish scales and fish gills;

2. Wash the winter vegetables and set aside, cut onion into sections for later use;

3. Add the right amount of oil to the pot, add ginger, put the carp, fry on both sides to change, and then add winter vegetables;

4. Add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with high heat, and change it to slow heat;

5. After about half an hour, the soup will be boiled, and then add an appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence and green onion.

Kind tips:

Carp soup has aroma, appetizing and spleen, fresh and tender fish, which is easy to digest and absorbed. It is a rare and delicious and nutritious high -quality ingredients. The soup is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins.The role of digestion is very suitable for tires.

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