Do you still get pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

A young and beautiful girl came from the clinic. Two weeks ago, I had taken emergency contraceptives once because of the dangerous period of pregnancy in the danger of being easily pregnancy -before and after the ovulation period.It has been 17 days since the use of condoms to the use of condoms, and has not yet come to menstruation.

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She was a little worried. At first she thought she was irregular menstruation after taking medicine, but she was still worried about pregnancy.

When the test is not available, it is positive, and it feels like a thunderstorm in a sunny day!

She doesn’t believe this test result. How can she get pregnant?Didn’t it mean that the efficiency is 99%?Maybe the test is inaccurate?With these questions, she hurried to the hospital to confirm.

1. Why are you still pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives?

There are indeed many contraceptive methods that can be selected clinically. From the perspective of contraceptive effects: Compared with high -efficiency contraception such as in -palaces, sterilization surgery, and buried contraceptives, emergency contraceptives are effective contraceptives.measure.

If there is no contraception in the subsequent sex life after taking emergency contraceptives, or the sperm and egg before taking the medicine have "secrets", or use some drugs such as sleeping pills, drugs that suppress gastric acid during the use of emergency contraceptives, etc., emergency contraception, etc., emergency contraception, etc.The medicine effect will be greatly reduced.

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2. Common causes of failure to cause emergency contraceptives

● I thought I had taken medicine, and it was safe this month, and then I was in contrace of sex;

● Some people will cause bleeding after taking the medicine. Often, this kind of bleeding is "menstruation". There are no contraceptive measures after this so -called menstruation, so accidental pregnancy occurs.

Third, use emergency contraceptive pills must be remembered:

This pill only plays a sexual behavior that is not contraceptive. If you have no contraception before taking the medicine before taking the medicine or after taking the medicine, you will have the problem of taking medicine and pregnancy.

4. How do I know if taking medicine is effective?

Many people still have uneasy mood after emergency contraceptives. Worried about taking medicine or they will fail?So when can you know whether taking medicine is effective?

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Clinically confirmed that pregnancy can be used to adopt urine tests, or hemotherapy can be adopted.

Blood examination is more accurate than urine liquefaction tests, and can be concluded 8-10 days after contraceptive failure. The urine test needs to wait until 10-14 days after the contraceptive failure.

If the urine test is adopted, the first urine in the morning is more likely to get positive results.If a positive result occurs, it is usually diagnosed as pregnancy.

Reminder of obstetrics and gynecologists:

Emergency contraceptives are remedial measures after the failure of conventional contraceptives, and is a countermeasure that must be taken in emergency situations.

If it is often used or regarded as a conventional contraceptive method, it will disturb the normal ovulation function of the ovaries, so it must not be used frequently.

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