Do you want to do housework when you are pregnant?Mom, don’t be too diligent, please remember this article

It is said that pregnancy is a hard work, but not everyone can understand the fatigue and hard work of women’s breeding of childbirth.Before the women’s pregnancy, the family’s housework has been greatly contributed. Because women in my country have been educated as a virtuous and hard -working image since they were young, they did some housework that they could do before they got married.

And boys are more to establish the image of the big man and not be confined to small sections. Therefore, men are not proficient in housework. Sometimes they even help their mother do housework. Moms will feel distressed to play or learn.

After the female family formed her own family, she also handled housework in her new home and kept washing and shampooing. Although women need to take care of the family of husband and husband from ancient times to the present, with the changes in the new era, womenYou must also relax yourself appropriately, especially during pregnancy, try not to do housework.

Although many mother -in -law would say, "When we had children, we went to the ground to work on the day when we produced, and now we are coquettish with a child." Then many Baoma mothers have to do housework with the belly of pregnant women, but now and the original productivity development levelDifferent, the living conditions of the older generation have difficulty. Since childhood, they have done physical work, and their physical fitness is naturally better.

Now that the level of productivity is coming, we don’t need to do those who work hard to work hard from a young age, and we must be careful when you are pregnant.But many pregnant women are puzzled. Can I do housework if I get pregnant? Let’s take a look today.

Do not do housework with water when pregnant women are pregnant. Not only are the temperature of the water afraid that the temperature of the water makes the pregnant woman get cold, the important thing is that the housework with water is easy to sprinkle water on the ground. Now it is a tile floor.In case of carelessness, pregnant women are easy to slip without standing, and the harm to pregnant women is very large. The light tire gas will have a miscarriage when they are heavy, so pregnant mothers must stay away from these dangerous housework.

At the same time, the pregnant mother should be careful when taking a bath. Now the family is bathing and bathing. Although a few have a bathtub, you must be careful whether it is a shower or a bathtub.Take a bath to avoid infection.If it is a shower, pay attention to the non -slip floor pads in the bathroom, pay attention to the drainage of the floor drain, and avoid the stagnant mothers falling in the bathroom water.

This is still very important, because the fetus is in the mother’s uterus. When the pregnant mother is bent over, the baby will naturally feel oppressed and even breathing difficulties. Therefore, pregnant women should not do housework during pregnancy.Some pregnant women are inconvenient when they are pregnant. What is falling on the ground? When she stood up, she stood up and squatted down, and she bend over directly. In fact, the pregnant woman was bent down than squatting.

According to statistics, bending down will cause the fetus to stop breeding. Think about your hard work for so many months, how sad it is because of the loss of the baby because of bending over, so do not do some housework in the daily life. Do not do it.It’s right.

The most dangerous period we are talking about here mainly refers to the early and third trimester of pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the fetus has not been formed in the first three months of pregnancy. The fetus has not yet been formed. The mother’s body will cause some pregnancy response such as pregnancy.At this time, doing housework will undoubtedly have a great impact on the fetus, because the fetus has not stabilized in the mother’s body, and often labor will definitely affect the fetal development.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetal development is basically mature. Although the mother has adapted to living with the fetus at this time, as the number of pregnancy weeks increases, the body of the pregnant mother will become heavier.If you are tired, it will be more serious if you accidentally fall.

Doing housework in the third trimester can easily cause fake contractions, which leads to premature birth. The premature baby will be slightly weak, and the weight and height are lower than that of ordinary newborn. Therefore, for the health of pregnant women and babiesGood production.

In addition to these unstable periods of early pregnancy and early pregnancy, when the fetus develops stable and the mother feels relaxed, pregnant women can do some simple housework, such as cleaning up clothes and choosing vegetables.

Pregnant women should avoid cooking when they are pregnant. Let’s let the family come as if you need to use natural gas and range hoods.Because the oil fume produced when cooking is not only sucked into the body by pregnant women, it will also be transmitted to the fetus.

The abandoned chemicals in the oil fume will have a bad impact on the baby. Baoma should pay attention to staying away from the oil fume, not only like the oil fume produced by cooking, but also away from some turbid air in second -hand smoke and some malls.The air is a good relaxation for your baby.

Of course, when there is no housework at home, what you should do should know how to do it.

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