Do you want to go to the ring after giving birth?There are these benefits and disadvantages of Shanghuan, consider clearly before deciding

Some mothers who have given birth to babies will choose to use some contraceptive methods if they do not plan to give birth to avoid accidental pregnancy and harm the body.The most commonly used and effective way is to go to the ring. This method can be said to have been eternal, and the contraceptive rate is also high, more than 90 %.However, there are also many mothers who are worried about the side effects of the upper ring.Therefore, let’s understand the benefits and disadvantages of the Wire today.First of all, talk about what benefits of Sheung Wan.

The first benefit, economical and affordable, safe and effective.Compared with other contraceptive methods, the Shekuan is one for all, and it is very safe and effective.It does not need to cost money as taking medicine and the upper set, and it also has a certain impact on women’s health, and sometimes it may fail.As long as the place of the upper ring is regular, one ring can be used for a long time, or even death.

Second, it does not affect the sexual life of husband and wife.Do not feel sex with sexual life, I believe most women and men like it.Many people do not wear a suit when they do sex, but in order not to accident, they still have to wear it.The Shanghai Ring perfectly realizes the desire of many human life without wearing a suit or wanting to get pregnant.

Are the two benefits above look attractive?In fact, although these two benefits are seductive, the Sheung Wan is not without any harm.So, what are the disadvantages of Sheung Wan?

The first disadvantage causes infection.If the hospital in Sheung Wan is not formal enough, it is likely to bring foreign objects such as bacteria, viruses, and other foreign objects into women’s uterine cavity. In addition, the endometrium of women’s uterine cavity is fragile, and it is easy to cause infection.Symptoms.

The second disadvantage causes menstrual disorders.This is a situation that many women will appear on the rings, and generally occur after two or three months in the upper ring.In this kind of disadvantage, it will not last long. When the women’s body adapts to the extra pregnancy ring, it will basically do not have menstrual disorders.

The third disadvantage causes endometrial damage.For the body, after all, it is a foreign item, which is easy to stimulate women to perform uterine contraction movements.If it is just shrinking, if the contraction is too frequent, it is easy to rub the inner membrane of the cervix and cause bleeding, which will cause local congestion and edema.

The fourth disadvantage is not 100 % contraception.After all, women want to have birth, this is the law of nature, and it is impossible for people to completely break this law.Therefore, even if we wear a birthplace, women may still be pregnant.Of course, if you are still pregnant, it is generally not normal pregnancy, but ectopic pregnancy.The upper ring generally can only prevent normal uterine pregnancy, and there is no way for ectopic pregnancy.

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