Do you want to record a baby in a different place?How to reimburse in different places?

Giving birth to a long time

How to reimburse in maternity medical expenses

The strategy is here

"These things of giving birth in different places"

■ "I work in Shanghai, my in -laws are in Changzhou, I have children in Changzhou …"

■ "I work in Changzhou, but the unit social security is paid by Xiamen Corporation."

■ "I am from Changzhou, but work in Suzhou"

Since Changzhou Ruici Hospital has been included in the fixed -point unit of medical insurance, many pregnant mothers who have been born in different places are very confused about her medical settlement process.Now Ruili talks about these things.

Q How to seek medical treatment at a different place?

A: Take your ID card and social security card and go to the Changzhou Medical Insurance Office for record. In the national medical treatment settlement system, select "Changzhou Ruici Hospital".

Q How to settle the cost?

A: As long as the filing is successful, you can be hospitalized with cards and settle maternity medical expenses directly when you are discharged.

Q why is the settlement cost less?

A: Different places to settle the payment line, payment ratio, and maximum payment limit for medical settlement.(For example: Pregnant woman A is insured in Xiamen. When discharged and settlement, the medical insurance directory shall be implemented in accordance with the regulations of Changzhou.

Q Can I apply for the record online?

A: You can record it through the "My Changzhou" app, or log in to the online lobby hall of the official website of the Changzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

"How much can you reimburse in a child"

"Maternity funds include fertility medical expenses, maternity allowances and disposable nutrition subsidies"

"How much does the fertility have nothing to do with it?"

Fertility needs to be reimbursed within 12 months after the baby is born.It is not directly related to where to produce. Whether it is production or private hospital production, as long as the social security that pays 10 months before production can be collected normally.

However, if you suddenly resign before production and have been disconnected from social security, you cannot receive fertility normally.


"for example"

The average paid salary of Little A’s company last year was 7,800 yuan, and the average salary of Little A was 6,500 yuan, so she could get this money:

Maternity and medical expenses: (about 2000-4500 yuan) Those who participate in the local insurance and childbirth directly swipe their cards in the hospital; those who are insured in Changzhou, those who have childbirth in the field need to pay individuals by themselves.Institutional reimbursement.

Pre -production inspection fee: 1,000 yuan to build a card at the Changzhou Community Hospital, and the prenatal inspection costs that meet the prescribed regulations will directly swipe the card settlement; the prenatal inspection costs incurred in the medical institutions in different places need to be paid for the medical insurance.The scarlet reimbursement compensation for the institution is 1,000 yuan.

Nutrition fee: 2091 yuan (2021, adjust every year)

Maternity allowance: 7800 ÷ 30*128 = 33280 yuan

Care fake allowance (male): The average payment base of the year in the year ÷ 30*15 (reimbursed by the man’s information to his own unit)

"Maternity Service Contact List"

"What is the contact service form?"

"I haven’t received a marriage certificate, can I not get it?"

When some Baoma is discharged from the hospital, they will find that their employee medical insurance cards cannot take the medical insurance overall planning. In addition to the medical insurance that has not been paid for 10 months, there is also a non -maternity service contact form.

Maternity service contact form

1. Application time: after pregnancy, before production

2. The required materials:

① The resident ID card of both men and women

②Stop or household registration certificate for both men and women

③ Marriage certificate

3. Registration method:

① The women’s household registration is a married couple in Changzhou City (urban area including Wujin District, Xinbei District, Tianning District, and Zhonglou District)."Maternity Services".

② The man in the husband and wife is a household registration in Changzhou City. If the woman’s household registration is a city or the golden altar, and the Liyang marriage to the urban area, the woman’s household registration town (street) population and family planning department will issue a certificate of marriage and childbearing to the town of the man’s household registration (Street) Family Planning Service Station (Office) receives the "Changzhou Municipal Maternity Service Link".

③ The household registration of both parties is flowing into the marriage of the marriage service stations (office), the town (office) of the woman’s current residence outside the city of Changzhou City (referring to the Wujin District, Xinbei District, Tianning District, and Zhonglou District)."Changzhou Moral Population Maternity Service Link".

"Maternal Maternal Health Manual"

"I built a card in Shanghai, but what should I do in Changzhou?"

"My hukou is not in Changzhou. Where can I go to build a card?"

"Pregnant Maternal Health Manual" is a file that records the entire pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium, and 42 days of mother -to -child health inspection.

The purpose is to strengthen the system management of pregnant women, improve the quality of prevention and treatment of obstetrics, reduce mortal mortality, perinatal mortality, and birth rate of sickness.

The advantage of using the health care manual is that they can communicate with medical institutions and health care institutions at all levels, strengthen collaboration, and prevent and control.So pregnant mothers must build cards as soon as possible!


"Instructions for the construction of a pregnant woman in a different place"

01 Household registration is a pregnant woman in a foreign country. Those who live in Changzhou for more than 6 months are deemed to be a permanent population. With my ID card and residence permit, I will set up a card to the residential community health service center (township health center).

02 Household registration is a pregnant woman in a foreign country. She has not applied for a residence permit in Changzhou. The current place of residence is Puyang, Jintan, Wujin District, Tianning District, and Zhonglou District.

The 03 household registration is a pregnant woman in a foreign country. She has not applied for a residence permit in Changzhou. Now the residential area is the New Taipei District and Economic Development Zone. For the time being, they can only go to the residential community health service center (township health center) to build a card.

04 The pregnant mother who has built a card in a foreign country, in Changzhou producers, needs to go to the community of the card to go through the transfer procedures, and then transfer to the community hospital in the current place of residence in Changzhou.

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