Doctor Hao, inflammation when he swims his ears, what should I do?

Summer is high temperature and heat, except to keep the air conditioner,

The swimming pool has also become a summer destination for citizens.

However, some people are swimming

The phenomenon of ear pain, ears, itchy ears, and pus.

Such patients are not an example.

Recently, dozens of patients who have been diagnosed with or three consecutive three consecutive three consecutive obtained patients who have been discomforted by the ears after swimming. Only one night clinic has 7 or 8 people.What is the situation?

What effect does swimming have on ears?

How to protect your ears?

What misunderstandings should be paid to precautions?

Lu Xiaoyu, deputy chief physician of the Department of otolaryngology of the Third Hospital of the City

Swimming to avoid summer, be careful of this disease!

Guest introduction:

Lu Xiaoyu, deputy chief physician of the Department of Octophastry and throat of the Municipal Third Hospital, and a medical team leader of deafness and tinnitus special diseases, clinical hearing center medical team leaders.He has been engaged in clinical work of otolaryngomyard and neck surgery for more than 20 years, and has rich clinical diagnosis and treatment experience in various common and difficult diseases of otolaryngology.He is good at diagnosis and surgical treatment of otitis media, sinusitis, nasal polyps, vocal cord polyps, head and neck tumors and other diseases. Among them, nasal oscillating nasal and tear sacs under the nasal endoscopy make pore surgery, and the premogenous fistulating during infection is at the leading level of the province.

Expert clinic time: Wednesday, Friday throughout the day.


What should I do if the swimming ear is in water? Is it crooked to pat the ear on the other side?


You can tein the head of the water to the side of the water, so that the mouth canal is down, and then use the same side foot to support the single foot. The single -foot jump several times can the ear canal flow out.Slowly suck it out. Be careful not to use thick cotton swabs and ear spoons. Do not reach into the ear canal too deep to avoid breaking the tympanic membrane.


During the swimming, the ears suddenly seemed to be through!Feeling water flows inside!After coming up, your ears hurt!The water entered a lot, and the ears hurt when they snoring.


I don’t know if there is a nose or water.Improper nasal nose can enters the middle ear through the eustachian tube through the eustachian tube, causing acute otitis media, and ear pain will occur during snoring.


Will swimming hurt your ears every day?


The main factors that hurt the ears during swimming are unclean pond water (causing outer ear skin allergies, inflammation of the ear canal), inappropriate swimming methods (such as like diving, diving, single -sided ear to hit the water, etc.), and incorrect cleaning in the ear canal.聍 聍 聍.


What should I do?Is there any tips?


1. You can use the water to enter the water, and gently pull the earlobe with your hands, or use a clean cotton swab to gently rotate with a clean cotton swab.

2. Cover the water in the water tightly with your palms, gently push the ears forward and backwards to produce a certain suction, and at the same time pour your head to the ears of the water.


Usually it is oily ears. Is this kind of calculation?Is oily people suitable for swimming?It feels more wet in the ears and uncomfortable.


Oil ears are also called seborrheic ear canal.Earllarinal gland gland glandular secretion is strong.Congenital and acquired factors are available.1. Prevention is the main, eat less greasy food.2. Avoid frequent ear canal stimulation, such as digging ear.3. Clean regularly at the hospital.

People with oily ears are like swimming. It is recommended to completely clean the ear canal before swimming and use swimming earplugs during swimming.


How can I judge whether I have otitis media? Is there any good way?


Otitis media is prone to recur, and generally there will be symptoms such as ear pain, ears, hearing loss, tinnitus, etc. It is recommended to go to the ONENA clinic for further examination.


It is always itchy in the ears. When it is particularly itchy, you can’t help but use a cotton swab, and even when it itchy, use your fingers to dig out. Is this sick?


There are several possibilities of the ear itching: repeated water in the ear, plus the permeable inflammation of the ear canal caused by ear dying; fungal external ear canal inflammation, similar to athlete, itching is unbearable; otitis media is unbearable;Causes itching.It is recommended to treat symptomatic treatment after clinics.


In the past few days, the earwax in the ears is particularly fast. It has to be pulled almost every day, and it is all -round.


Repeated water in the ear and digging ears can cause the ear canal to be forced to secrete a lot.It is recommended to suspend swimming and restore the ear canal environment.


I want to ask, can the kind of ear picking in the normal foot therapy shop be done?Is there any hidden safety hazards?


It is possible to ensure norms and cleaning.However, 耵聍 has a certain effect of protecting the ear canal, and frequent stimulation will increase gland secretion.


There is always a tide in the ears. There are yellow things inside with a cotton swab. Is this inflammation?


Not necessarily, there is a gland and sebaceous glands in the ear canal, and the oil secreted by sebaceous glands is yellow.


Can tinnitus be cured?


The cause of tinnitus is very complicated and requires symptomatic treatment.Common methods include drug treatment and masking treatment.


Don’t get out of your ears often in daily life,

If there is already ear disease

Don’t swim in the water.

For your own health,

Try to choose a swimming place with good water quality and less polluting.

Really encounter ear discomfort,

Be sure to seek medical treatment in time ~

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