Doctor, my breast tenderness, will it be breast cancer?

"Doctor doctors", Xiaokui hurried in, "I have been painful recently, especially before menstruation, will it be breast cancer?" Many women may have encountered breast pain.I will worry about whether I have cancer. Today I will talk to you about breast pain?How to distinguish between breast hyperplasia and breast cancer?How to screen breast cancer?

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Breast pain: physiological factors or pathological factors?

Whether breast pain needs to be worried, first of all, it is necessary to clearly cause the cause of pain.Long -term clinical observations and research have found that there are two main reasons for breast pain in women: physiological pain and pathological pain 1.

Physiological factors: adolescent milk pain: adolescent breast development causes minor pain; pre -milk pain: increased estrogen level in the pre -body body causes breast hyperplasia, which leads to tissue edema in the breast, causing breast pain; pregnancy pain during pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days of pregnancy: 40 days pregnantOn the left and right, due to the large amount of estrogen, progesterone, etc., the breast hyperplasia, the breasts increased, and then the breast pain; the postpartum pain: 3 to 7 days after giving birth due to breast lymphic retention, venous filling and interstitial edema and quality edema and quality edema and quality edema and interstitial edema and interstitial edema and interstitial edema.The breast ducts are caused by poorly; after abortion, milk pain: After abortion, due to sudden interruption of pregnancy, the hormone level in the body drops sharply, which suddenly stops growing, causing breast mass and breast pain.

Pathological factors: Breast hyperplasia: Due to endocrine disorders, its initial symptoms are often breast pain; mastitis: acute mastitis occurs mostly in lactating women, especially for priced maternal lactation bacterial infections; breast cancer: Tumor as tumor: Tumor as a tumorAccompanied by inflammation, breast pain or tenderness can be produced.

Will breast hyperplasia develop into breast cancer?How to distinguish between the two?

Breast hyperplasia refers to the hyperplasia of breast epithelium and fibrous tissue, the degenerative lesions of the mammary tissue catheter and the mammary gland’s lesions and the growth of sex connective tissue.Breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease of women, accounting for 75%of all breast disease.More than 90%of Chinese adult women suffer from breast hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia is a consensus of high -risk factors for breast cancer.

Breast cancer has become the world’s largest cancer.In 2020, the incidence of breast cancer in Chinese women was 59.0/100,000, ranking first in female malignant tumors in the country.We can use the following steps to self -check at home to initially judge whether breast hyperplasia or breast cancer 4.

The 9th to 11th day after menstruation is the best time for breast examination.At this time, the breast gland is retracted, the breast is the smallest, and the tumor generally does not shrink back, and it is easy to be scooped out.See: It is best to do it in front of the large mirror to observe whether the breasts are symmetrical, whether the skin color of the breast changes, and the nipples are depressed.The circle of circles slide to touch the breast, check whether there are lumps and hard constraints; press: check the outside of the breast to the armpit, check whether there are lumps; squeeze: compress the areola, see if there is liquid excretion.If there is a red liquid overflow, you must be highly vigilant.

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Symptoms and touch of breast hyperplasia 1. The nipples are raised normally.2. Breast pain appeared before menstruation.3. Sometimes the ball -shaped or sizes can be touched.4. The boundary of the lump is clear and can be moved.5. Occasionally visible nipples (mostly colorless, pale yellow).6. Pain and lumps after menstrual period will reduce and disappear.

Symptoms and touch of breast cancer 1. Breast red or sag, like orange peel.2. Breast lumps feel like hard stones, uneven, but generally do not pain and have poor movement.3. A few can feel soft, with cystic (like blisters).4. Some are accompanied by changes in nipple depression, overflowing liquid, etc.5. The edges of the lump are not very regular, crooked.6. The size does not change with menstruation.

How to screen breast cancer?

The 2021 version of "Frequently malignant tumor screening and prevention recommendation" 5 suggestions: General women: not recommended screening before the age of 40; starting screening at the age of 40, it is recommended to perform a breast X -ray examination every 1 to 2 years;Breast glands (breast X -ray examination indicates that glands are type C or D or D) are recommended for combined B -ultrasound; if you are over 70 years old, those who are healthy and expected to live for more than 10 years are recommended to maintain screening.X -ray check.High -risk population of breast cancer: recommended 40 years of age or earlier breast cancer screening; mammary X -ray examination once a year; mammary ultrasound examination every 6 to 12 months; mammary physical examination every 6 to 12 months; if necessaryMRI examination is enhanced once a year.

At the same time, the recommendation pointed out that the high -risk objects for breast cancer screening include: patients with breast catheter or leaflets have not typical hyperplasia or lobular in situ cancer; women who have received chest radiotherapy before the age of 30;Healthy women who meet the conditions of patients with hereditary breast cancer and ovarian cancer syndrome.

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In short, don’t be afraid of breast tenderness, first figure out the cause, and then decide whether to receive treatment.Of course, breast cancer screening is a key step in the early treatment of breast cancer. Do not ignore it!


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