Doctors in the middle of pregnancy let calcium supplementation, it turns out that pregnant women have to choose this

17 weeks of pregnancy, that is, to do a checkup in the second trimester. The doctor told that calcium can be started.When it comes to calcium supplementation, I believe that pregnant mothers are more concerned. For example, when did you start to replenish?How much do you make up?Which calcium tablets are good?As a nutritionist mother, these questions will answer these questions one by one.

It is generally recommended to start calcium supplementation from the second trimester, that is, starting at the beginning of 13 weeks, and then continuing the entire pregnancy.

Of course, this is not absolute. For example, some pregnant mothers have severe pregnancy in early pregnancy and affect a normal diet. Then, it is recommended to start calcium supplementation from early pregnancy.

According to the "Women’s Dietary Guidelines" [1], the recommended intake of calcium per day in each period is:

Early pregnancy: 800 mg

In the middle of pregnancy: 800 mg

Late pregnancy: 1000 mg

Recommend these 5 categories of food:

① milk and dairy products (such as yogurt, milk powder, cheese)

② Some soybean products (such as: northern tofu, south tofu, dried tofu)

③ Some dark green vegetables (such as: small rapeseed, cabbage, kale)

④ Nuts (such as: hazelnuts, black sesame, peanuts)

⑤ Fish and shrimp shells (such as: stone snails, canned catfish, grass shrimp)

Pregnant mothers are recommended to consume sufficient calcium through food as much as possible. When food intake is insufficient, eat extra calcium tablets.

So, you have to eat 250 mg, 500 mg, or 750, or even 1000 mg every day, which varies from person to person.

Before determining the dose, it is recommended to go to the hospital to test the level of blood calcium and urine calcium, and combine the calcium intake of calcium in the diet for comprehensive consideration.

For example, you do n’t have the habit of drinking milk and are unwilling to drink, but tofu and dark green vegetables have eaten a lot, and there is no calcium deficiency performance. Then, you make up 500 mg of calcium a day.Essence

When choosing calcium, consider the content, safety and effectiveness of calcium element.

From the perspective of calcium content, inorganic calcium (such as calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium chloride) is relatively high in calcium, and calcium citate (such as calcium citate, calcium lactate, calcium glucose) is relatively low [2].

From the perspective of absorption, studies have found that although organic forms of calcium are slightly higher than calcium carbonate, they are quite high [3].

For the choice of these calcium, if you digest and absorb normally, it is recommended to choose calcium carbonate, because it not only contains high calcium content, high absorption rate, but also easy to dissolve in gastric acid, and it is also cost -effective.

Instead, if your gastric acid secretion is insufficient, it is recommended that you choose calcium calcium (such as calcium citate and calcium citrate).

If you choose calcium carbonate, it is recommended to eat together during dinner. Of course, it is okay to eat after eating.

If you eat calcium calcium, you can eat it without having to eat because you don’t need gastric acid activation.

Remember to make up as much as possible, because the higher the dose of calcium tablets, the absorption rate of calcium during the unit time may decline.

For example, you need to make up 500 mg of calcium every day, so it is recommended that you divide it into 2-3 times to eat, such as eating 250 mg of each morning and evening.

When buying calcium tablets, it depends on the content of calcium elements, not the weight of the calcified compound. For example, a calcium tablet is 750 mg of calcium carbonate, which is actually only equivalent to 300 mg of calcium (calcium carbonate is 40%).This 300 mg is what we have to pay attention to.

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Author: Liu Pingping (Registered Nutritionist of the Chinese Nutrition Society)

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