Does CT in the early pregnancy cause harm to the fetus?

I believe that this issue is focusing on every pregnant mother, and fears that radiation will cause harm to the fetus.Is that there?Let ’s take a look at the following editors!

The editor refers to the impact of the influence on the fetus on the fetus during pregnancy.

Early in the development of embryo, the radiation dose> 1GY was fatal.At present, the radiation dose is <50mgy, and there is no news report about the fetus received injuries due to examination.

The exposed radiation dose of image inspection is much lower than 1GY.

As long as the doctor’s requirements are regularly checked and the necessary genetic disease screening is accepted, it is sufficient to take measures in time.If you accept radiation over the safety dose, can the child stay to be honest, if it is within 1 to 2 weeks of conception, it accepts radiation higher than 1GY, which is a 1 or 0 problem.Because at this time, the embryo has not been differentiated, just a group of cells.In other words, either the radiation is too high, and the fetus dies directly.If the fetus survives, there must be no problem, and it can continue to develop normally without deformity.

Frequently Asked questions during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation

Will my husband be preparing to take a CT, will it affect the sperm?

Won’t.At present, most medical evidence believes that it will not increase the risk of fetal malformations or child tumors during pregnancy and testicles during pregnancy.And the sperm activity and quality affected by radiation decreased, it will be eliminated early in the early days, and there is no chance to fertilize at all. Therefore, if men need to be checked during pregnancy, they only need to wear personal protective products (lead clothes, lead apron, lead pants head, etc.Wait), listen to the doctor, just protect it.

期 Can women do CT, X -rays during pregnancy?

Can.The radiation dose of medical radiation is very small. At present, the radiation doses of the inspection items are within the scope of safety. When checking, the key parts can be protected.Based on the principle of eugenics, if you are very worried about the influence of radiation, doctors will recommend preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy after 3-6 months of radiology inspection.After all, psychological burden is not conducive to eugenics.

超 Will pregnant women have a vaginal ultrasound?

Won’t.Many pregnant mothers will worry that making vaginal ultrasound will cause abortion, but it is not.There are indeed a few patients due to abnormal fetal chromosomes, which will occur during early pregnancy, and the vaginal ultrasound is exactly the vaginal ultrasound.In fact, there is no causal relationship between the two.Because during the vaginal ultrasound, the probe is only placed in the vagina, and it does not touch the internal embryo tissue of the uterine cavity.

影响 Does it affect your baby’s health when you do too much ultrasound?

Won’t.So far, no evidence can prove that ultrasound has radiation or other harmful effects on the fetus.

R Can pregnant women do MRI examination?

MRI uses an electromagnetic field to check, so there is no ionization radiation at all, but it is recommended to try not to do MRI examinations within 3 months of pregnancy. If it is inevitable, it is to maximize the benefit of the clinician.

What is the normal production check?

Ultrasonic is the first choice screening method for diagnosis of fetal malformations.However, ultrasound is not universal. There are still many innate deformity ultrasound examinations that are difficult to display, resulting in leakage.

X Does the lactation shooting X -ray affect breast milk?

Won’t.The main component of milk is water, and mixtures of fat, protein, sugar, and inorganic salts of various proportion are not affected by X -ray radiation and will not be qualitative due to radiation.The radiation of X -ray is different from the radiation of the radiation element substance. X -ray radiation is only a conversion of electrical energy. After power is disconnected, the radiation will disappear, and it will not affect the milk.

Can I use iodine to make zoscao during breastfeeding?

Can.Breastfeeding women do not have any impact on babies.Iodine -made agents are water -soluble.It can be quickly removed from the mother cycle (less than 1 hour in the half -life).

T Will PET-CT affect breast milk?

meeting.Break breastfeeding needs to be suspended.The length of the suspension time depends on the half -life of the radioactive substance used during the examination.

会 Does enhancement MRI affect breast milk?

Won’t.Enhanced MRI’s use of sagging agents is safe for lactation.

Of course, within 8 to 25 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is most sensitive to radiation, and CT examination must be avoided at this time.If the inevitable reasons such as life are needed, CT examination is required, or to maximize benefits according to clinicians, and try to shorten the examination time, take protection measures to minimize the damage.

Author: Zhang Lijun

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