Does methampion poison also affect fertility?What are the reasons why the drug husband and wife can’t get pregnant?

With the development of urban entertainment activities, new drugs and high concealment and prices have gradually "defeated" traditional drugs.

There was a "drug couple" who accepted voluntary detoxification together. By understanding drug knowledge, the reason why he was infertile for many years came from drugs. It turned out that methamphetamine would lead to infertility.

Ice poison is a type of new drugs, also known as methyl Anfang, and oxygen -removed ephedrine. Because of its huge toxicity, it is called the "King of Poison".The machine is sensitive and emotional.Most drugs now affect women’s fertility problems. Among them, drugs with sexual excitement are the most, and methamphetamine is this category.

Long -term methamphetamine affects the reproductive system and causes infertility and will also cause fetal malformation.

The proportion of women’s adsorption methamphetamine is constantly increasing. Long -term adsorption of methamphetamine in addition to mental and physical damage, it will cause irregular menstruation of women’s endocrine disorders, which will affect the reproductive system and cause infertility.If pregnancy may cause fetal malformations, severe cases lead to fetal necrosis.

The fetus grows in this "poison" mother environment, which will not only have growth and developmental deformities and obstacles, but also may also be stained with "drug addiction". Once the mother stops drugs or reduces the amount of drug use, the fetus will have abstinence symptoms, even if evenThis harm after birth will also exist for life, the so -called "drug baby".Ferxide poisoning toxin also affects the sperm of men, leading to changes in sperm. After such sperm is conceived, the consequences of fetal deformedness, delayed development, and stopping development.

After skating, the judgment is reduced, and the adsorption methamphetamine generally has groupity, leading to confusion in sexual relations.

Skating poison is generally in groups of sucking. After taking methamphetamine, it seduces the sexual excitement of people, loses honor and disgrace, and is prone to chaotic sexual relationships.

Therefore, many places use methamphetamine as a "help" agent. In fact, the sexual ability of people in this state has not improved. This is just an illusion after taking drugs.Weakness, men with sexual dysfunction such as decreased sexual desire, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc., can also lead to a reduction in sperm activity, and chaotic sexual relationships can easily induce infection and spread of various types of sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis, AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Detoxification expert Wang Wenfu reminds you that for the health of yourself and the next generation, please stay away from drugs.If you have to suck, stop as soon as possible!

The spiritual impact caused by drug abuse is not suitable for raising children in all aspects, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.For you and your family, cherish life and stay away from drugs.

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