Does premature ejaculation affect children?What should I do if the sperm concentration is less vitality?

Pregnancy is a matter of two people.In the clinic, I often encounter various male maternity consultation questions: "Premature ejaculation affects children?", "What should I do if there is a small sperm concentration and weak activity?" …

For driving, male friends are all familiar with. Today, let’s talk about some things that "driving" and having children ~

1. Does premature ejaculation affect children?

"Driving" delivery, whether two minutes or half an hour to the destination, except affecting the customer experience, generally does not affect the completion of the task.

However, it is best to check the routine of the semen. Through the routine of the semen, you can understand the activity of the sperm. As long as the mobility and malformation rate of the sperm are within the normal range, the fertility function is normal, and it will not affect the child.

However, premature ejaculation should still be treated. After the inspection is clear, the targeted treatment can still be completely cured.

2. When the semen was in the same room, the semen soon came out. Did the sperm also followed?

The purpose of semen is to send the sperm into the Yin Road. When the semen enters the Yin Road, the sperm begins to swim towards the end point, and the excess semen will flow out of the Yin Road because it cannot be absorbed.

3. Why are there a large amount of semen and sometimes less?

You may not drive for a while, there will be more goods to be delivered this time …

The volume of the semen of a man’s sperm is generally above 1.5ml. The amount of semen may be affected by many factors. For example, the time that has not been in the same room is long, the amount of semen is relatively large, and the physical condition is not good.If there is too little semen, you need to check it further!

5. What should I do if the sperm concentration is small and the mobility is weak?

If the multiple semen examination shows that the sperm quality is not good, you can check the reason for the cause and give corresponding treatment, such as improving living habits, avoiding risk factors, and symptomatic treatment of drugs.In insemination or test tube baby pregnancy aid treatment.

6. My semen quality is okay, do you need to take medicine?

Your car’s fuel tank is so full, and let me refuel you. Don’t you afraid of the fuel tank burst?

After all, the medicine is not a steamed bun. If you are hungry, you can take a bite if you don’t be hungry.When necessary, the doctor will suggest that you take medicine. You must not take it up and make up for it yourself. Otherwise, you may lose each other and lose.

7. What should I do if there is no sperm for semen?

no car?Go to the parking lot!

If semen tests of more than three or more times show that there are no sperm, you need to combine the medical history to conduct related examinations, such as sex hormones, male reproductive system B -ultrasound, chromosomes, etc., to find possible causes. If necessaryThere are sperm.

If you have sperm, you can try to use test tube technology for pregnancy; if there is no sperm, you may need to use sperm supply or adoption.

8. What kind of room frequency is easier to get pregnant?

Departure 2-3 times a week is relatively scientific. A major date (female ovulation period) is issued, and the success rate is higher.””” “” “” “” 人 工”

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