Does the new coronal virus affect menstruation?Studies have shown that it can return to normal after the rehabilitation period

Jimu News reporter Zhang Yang

According to the Washington Post, from late October to mid -November last year, Lacy Phillips infected the new coronal virus, and the symptoms lasted for two weeks.She specifically mentioned that it was infected during menstruation.

A few months later, the Indiana writer and podcast wrote on Twitter: "It (menstruation) is extremely heavy, and there are huge blood clots." She was very doubtful that it was influenced by the new crown virus.

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"It is difficult to know what it has caused Philips’s irregular menstruation. She also suffers from thyroid disease and other immune diseases, so it is not sure what impact will be."Director Jane Van Dis said, "But there are indeed many women reflecting similar issues, and we really need to make more research in this regard."

Although the rumors of new coronal virus may destroy women’s menstruation earlier, new coronary virus has appeared.However, the degree of influence has not been widely confirmed and reported.

A study of 237 women began in September 2020 to detect whether the new coronary virus affects the menstrual, sex hormones and ovaries of women infected with the disease.Most interviewees said that after they were infected with new crowns, they had irregular menstruation, abnormal blood clots or worse symptoms.

By checking the menstrual data of 177 female patients, the researchers found that "45 patients (25 % of the proportion) have changes in menstrual flow, while 50 patients (accounting for 28 %) have a change in menstrual cycle, mainly due to decreased menstrual flow (decrease20 %) and periodic extension (19 %). "The average hormone level and AMH concentration (ovarian functional value) of the childbirth of the new coronal virus are not different from the control group."

Researchers concluded: "The menstrual changes of these patients may be the result of short -term hormone changes caused by ovarian dysfunction due to the suppression of ovarian function. This change quickly returned to its original level after the new crown recovery."

Linda Fan, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, pointed out that various external pressures will interfere with the visual hills, the pituitary gland and the ovaries, and then cause the monthly irregularity.EssenceTheoretically, the virus affects other organs and may also attack the reproductive system directly.However, a study shows that 25%of the new crown patients have changed their monthly things, but they return to their original level after the condition is recovered, and it does not show that their fertility ability has changed.

Professor Linda comforted that the new crown may change the moon once or twice without having to be too anxious.Find opportunities to communicate with doctors, and you can do some tests if necessary, such as blood test anemia, pregnancy or thyroid function.

Some time ago, the topic of whether the new coronary virus would affect the reproductive ability of men has also been widely concerned.Last year, a research paper from the National Institute of Health (NIH) pointed out that the new coronary virus may attack testicles and threaten male reproductive function.As soon as the view came out, it caused widespread discussion on the Internet.

Relevant literature shows that there is a new crown -invasion cell receptor -ACE2 in the male reproductive system, so testicles are the potential targets of new crown infection, which theoretically affects male reproductive function.Although there is no study that has not yet studied whether the new coronary virus infection will damage the testicular and affect male fertility, the infection can theoretically cause severe immune damage to the testicular, cause testiculitis, affect sperm production androgen synthesis, and cause reproductive cell -related cellsBroadcasting is extensive, which will affect men’s fertility and reduce the quality of life.

Zhihu’s previous netizens who have been engaged in reproductive health for many years said that it was just because of this new crown virus infection that caused widespread attention. In fact, many diseases, including other viruses, have more or less harm to men’s reproductive systems, but bad badness, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad, but bad.Living habits, such as smoking and drinking, are more likely to cause reproductive system diseases.

(Part of the information comes from the BBC, Washington Post, Zhihu)

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