Does the posterior uterus affect pregnancy?

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"Teacher Guo, I have been married to my husband for more than a year, and I have never been pregnant. Recently, my mother -in -law had forced me to go to the hospital for examination. I did n’t check any problems. I can find that the uterus is in the back.It is said that I can’t give them a generation of preacher and want my husband to divorce me. What should I do? Is it really difficult to get pregnant? "

Whoops, it ’s a passing from the past. What age is this?Is there a throne in his family to inherit?

But having said that, I do n’t know what kind of remarks are. It seems that many people think that the posterior uterus can cause pregnancy difficulties.In the process of doing women’s examinations, I will often be asked:

"Doctor, is my uterus behind or the front position?"

"Is it difficult to get pregnant?"

What is a back -up uterus?

When the bladder is empty, the position of the standing position is generally mild forward -leaning, which is what we often say.The so -called "leaning" is the relationship between the vertical axis of the uterus and the body.You can imagine the appearance of your body slightly when you stand alone.The so -called "flexion" is the relationship between the uterine body and the cervix.Ahead flexion is similar to a person bent forward, and then flexion is the opposite direction.Back leaning and back flexion can be collectively referred to as posterior uterus.

Although the proportion of the previous uterus is relatively large, in fact, the posterior uterus is not uncommon. Usually, women who often encounter posterior uterus often encounters the posterior uterus during the women’s examination.According to my experience, there will be at least two or three of the ten women, and this proportion is not small.

The position of the uterus is mainly related to the pull of the uterine ligament.However, the position of the uterus in the pelvic cavity is not constant. I mentioned earlier that when the bladder is empty, the uterus is mild forward flexion. When the bladder is full, the uterus will be pressed back, which will affect the uterus and affect the uterus.Location.Other pelvic tumors, pelvic inflammation and pregnancy will change to a certain amount of changes in the uterine position.

Some people think that the posterior uterus will affect pregnancy, and the main theoretical basis is the effect of the cervical position.In the previous pictures, we can see that the cervix of the front uterus is backward. When we lie flat, the cervix is in a relatively low position.When taking traditional positions, the cervix can just be completely soaked in the semen pool, which is conducive to fertilization.In the latter uterus, the cervix is upturned. After the same room, the cervix can not be soaked in the semen pool. Based on this reason, it is considered that the posterior uterus will cause pregnancy difficulties.

When I heard this theory, I just want to say, "You look at the vitality of other sperm too? Even those who are just stubborn and not in, can get pregnant unexpectedly. Do you have to soak this sperm?It is estimated that the soldiers are defeated! If the seed is not good, don’t depend on it! "

And if you ca n’t say that you ca n’t soak the semen pool, you wo n’t move your mind?The bed is dead, but everyone is alive!

In fact, regardless of whether the uterus is anterior, medium or back, as long as the activity is good, non -lesions are normal.Simple physiological posterior uterus will not affect pregnancy!If you can’t pull out the shit, I can’t help it.

Of course, I have clearly pointed out the abnormal uterine position caused by non -lesion.Because some pelvic adhesion, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc. can also cause pathological horses.At this time, it may affect conception.However, the cause of the conception here is not the rejuvenation of the uterine itself, but the cause of the post -uterine post.Therefore, when the male semen abnormalities are excluded, the infertility of unknown causes needs to be checked in detail.

Since my mother -in -law blame you infertility, take you to check. In fact, infertility should be checked from her husband.About one -third of the infertility is from men’s semen abnormalities.Moreover, men’s examinations are relatively simple and convenient, so they should first rule out infertility caused by male factors.

Girl, since your in -laws have an imperial throne urgently need to inherit, let’s ask the emperor to check it first!


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