Don’t be shy: Do you know how to use emergency contraceptives?Gynecologist tells you in detail

When it comes to emergency contraceptives, men and women do not dare to openly talk about and publicly purchase products, because when they say emergency contraceptives, people will understand things, which is an emergency application of drugs.Therefore, this drug is also a many emergency contraceptives who are worried about accidental pregnancy.However, there are still many people who do not understand how to take it correctly. Today, Dr. Li talked about how to use the medicine correctly.

Emergency contraceptives refer to a kind of emergency contraceptive remedy used in order to prevent pregnancy without protective measures or contraceptive failure; its main component is Zuo Nuo progesterone or acetic acid Ulis, it is the ovarian nest.The artificial synthetic drugs for natural hormone progesterone generated can cause stop or delay the release (ovulation) of the ovulation (ovulation) to prevent conception.

Emergency contraceptives are remedial measures taken after other contraceptives failed. The success rate of contraception is high, and the drug application is simple, which is very popular with consumers.

Emergency contraceptives are divided into unilateral contraceptives and anti -pregnancy hormones.

● Unilateral contraceptives are emergency contraceptives (Zuojue Progenous) that can be purchased in pharmacies. It belongs to a non -prescription drug, which is the most common emergency contraceptive.It has two main specifications: 0.75 mg, 2 tablets of orally, or 1 tablet for the first time, and take the second tablet (short -acting contraceptive pill) at 12 hours; the other specification is 1.5 mg, a single oral one tablet.Within 72 hours of life or contraception or contraception, it cannot take 72 hours of medicine. The earlier, the better, the better the contraceptive effect (long -acting · contraceptive pill).Do not fast after taking the medicine.

The contraceptive mechanism of such drugs is to inhibit ovulation and prevent the implantation of pregnant eggs from being implanted into the uterus, and increase the consistency of cervical mucus, prevent sperm from entering and play an effective contraceptive effect.

● Drugs such as anticoin hormones are prescription drugs. Generally, pharmacies cannot be bought, and doctors need prescriptions to buy applications.Its main ingredient is Mikfidone for emergency contraception.It refers to taking it within 72 hours of life or contraceptive failure of husbands and wives without protection measures. It is necessary to take 25 mg after 2 hours of eating or eat for 2 hours. After taking it, fasting for 1 to 2 hours.Belongs to long -acting contraceptives.

Anti -pregnancy emergency contraceptives have the effects of terminating early pregnancy, anti -pregnancy eggs into the uterus, induced menstruation, and promoting cervical maturity.Taking method: Taking 10 ~ 25 mg of rice perone tablets at a time can be used for emergency contraception; taking 15 mg can terminate the pregnancy within 49 days, which means that the drug terminates the pregnancy.If the abortion of the drug fails, artificial abortion must be terminated.

There is a certain time limit for choosing emergency contraceptives. In general, it is necessary to take it according to time, otherwise the drug will not work.Choosing an emergency contraceptive pill requires taking it within 72 hours after the contraceptive failure or after the intercourse. The earlier, the better the contraceptive effect, but the effect of more than 72 hours. The effect has been reduced or invalid.

The Ⅱ emergency contraceptive pill is used only for the last intercourse of no protection measures.Therefore, don’t choose to take it again.

If vomiting occurs within 2 hours of emergency contraceptive pills, you should take it once.It is best to choose after meals or before going to bed, which can reduce nausea.

药 After taking emergency contraceptives, a reliable conventional contraceptive method should be adopted before the next menstrual period.

药 After taking emergency contraceptives, if the monthly period passes, you should go to the hospital to check whether the contraceptive failure can be performed in time (you can also use the self -testing of the early pregnancy test strip)

作 The role of emergency contraceptives is emergency contraceptive drugs. It cannot be used as a conventional contraceptive pill without protection measures. It is mainly used for occasional contraceptive failure or taboos of no protection measures. The effect is very obvious.If you choose to take emergency contraceptives often, you may increase the occurrence of menstrual disorders.

After choosing to take emergency contraceptives, many people do not know whether the contraceptive is successful.Whether the contraception is successful, if we bleed after taking the medicine, it means that the contraception is successful.Because it is a hormone drug after taking emergency contraceptives, a retreat bleeding will occur after taking the medicine. This is a manifestation of successful contraceptives. You don’t have to panic and worry. This is a normal performance after taking the medicine.

However, although you are still afraid of conception after taking emergency contraceptives, early pregnancy tests can be performed in about 35 days after the intercourse or when menstrual exceeding the time.

Every medicine has a side effect, and the side effects of emergency contraceptives cannot be ignored. After taking it, it will appear:

Menstruation changes

Most female friends’ menstruation is coming on time, and some women’s menstruation will be advanced or delayed, but if women who have a normal intercourse living, if menstruation suddenly delays more than a week, it should be considered that it may be pregnant.Go to the hospital for early pregnancy test and check.

II irregular uterine bleeding

Some women will have a bit of bleeding after taking the medicine. This is the bleeding that occurs after taking the medicine. Generally, there is no need to deal with it.

Ⅲ systemic discomfort

After taking emergency contraceptives, some women will experience discomfort such as breast pain, headache, dizziness, and weakness, which generally does not exceed 24 hours.

Reminder: Emergency contraceptives can only be used as emergency drug applications, and if you eat too much, you can also have side effects.Therefore, if women taking contraceptives for more than a year need a physical examination to see if it has an impact on the body. If abnormal conditions occur, the medicine should be stopped immediately.

The long -term use of emergency contraceptives will cause damage to the liver, and will also inhibit the symptoms of ovary without ovulation and menstrual disorders in the morning.Moreover, because emergency contraceptives are a type of hormone drugs, mainly to inhibit ovulation and prevent sperm from being conceived, it will inhibit the occurrence of side effects such as ovarian function, ovulation, and menstrual disorders.Abnormal symptoms such as irregular menstruation.

Moreover, according to data, long -term use of emergency contraceptive pills may also lead to the occurrence of uterine fibroids.Patients with hypertension, heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, thrombotic diseases, abnormal liver and kidney function, uterine fibroids, and malignant tumors cannot take emergency contraceptives.

Many women in life have experienced emergency contraceptives. It is worth noting that for the health of their bodies, try not to choose to take emergency contraceptives many times. You can choose other contraceptive methods that hurt less.Never trample on your own body.

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