Don’t bias!These major truths of short -acting contraceptives, doctors usually do not say carefully

I received a message some time ago, and the content of the message was:

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After watching her, she was more shocked than anger.

In the event of a day, there are really female friends who have no protective sex, but because of these mistakes and extreme concepts, they do not choose to use contraceptives. In the end, they are pregnant when they are inappropriate.

Then she may face more people who hurt their body and a series of sequelae she brings, which may be infertile for life!

Therefore, she decided to be a popular science for everyone.The purpose of popular science is by no means supporting the use of contraceptives, but I just hope that everyone can better understand the origin and role of contraceptives. When it really needs it, you can also understand TA.

There are three types of contraceptives, namely emergency contraceptives, long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives

Emergency contraceptive

Everyone misunderstood the contraceptives so deeply that it hurts the body to a large extent because of emergency contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives are mainly used for remedies that are not protected, or contraceptive failure.

It contains large doses of progesterone. After taking it, it affects endocrine and endometrium, which has a certain impact on the body. We do not recommend frequent use.

Long -acting contraceptive

TA mainly contains progesterone and estrogen. Take a piece of medicine to store a large amount of hormones in the body and slowly release it to inhibit ovulation.

But in the same way, because of the large hormone content and more side effects, she doesn’t recommend it.

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Short -acting contraceptive

Finally, the short -acting contraceptive of this innocent lying gun is obviously a good choice, but it is often misunderstood.

Its composition is similar to long -term contraceptives, but there is very little hormone content, which is basically not harmful to the body.(Not at all at all ~)

Moreover, this contraceptive pill can be effectively preventing pregnancy, and there are many other uses. Please see below!

The editor first emphasizes that the following is short -acting contraceptives, and do not confirm it!

Adjust the aunt, improve menstrual syndrome

Everyone knows that the aunt who has come every month is really important.However, this "little fairy" is not late and not on time every month; before you come, you have a series of problems with headache, abdominal pain, breast swelling, and low mood.

However, short -acting contraceptives can make the aunts regularly by regulating hormone levels.

In addition, due to the inhibition of ovulation, the level of hormones in the entire cycle is stable, and neurotransal and prostaglandin levels will also be reduced, which greatly relieves the various pain before the aunt.

However, you ca n’t eat blindly, it is better to take it correctly under the guidance of a doctor!


Acne on the face is often because therogens are strong and stimulate the skin secretion of oil. If you follow the doctor’s advice and take contraceptives, you can regulate the inner hormones and improve the skin condition.

Reduce the incidence of cancer

Indeed, some studies have shown that long -term use of short -acting contraceptives can reduce the chances of colon cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer, and this protective effect can continue until decades after stopping the drug.

However, she still said that, don’t take it blindly.

As the comments at the beginning, the friend questioned by the friend was infertility in taking contraceptives, and he would go menstruation in advance.

However, many studies have shown that oral short -acting contraceptives are a reversible contraceptive method.

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That is to say, when you plan to want a baby, as long as you stop taking the medicine, it will not damage the fertility.

Of course, if I get pregnant again after taking contraceptives, will I have an impact on the fetus?

The failure of contraceptives is nothing more than "all or no". Either the embryo is killed and miscarriage early; if you succeed in pregnancy, the fetus is not affected and healthy.

Although short -acting contraceptives are safe and do not damage fertility, the following types of people are not suitable for taking drugs: patients with hematological and endocrine diseases in patients with major diseases

Therefore, contraceptives are really not so terrible. The key is that you have to take it according to the actual situation and according to the needs and according to the medical order. More importantly, do not refuse to take it in emergencies because of the concept of fear or wrong.Look at contraceptives.

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