Don’t let her suck her second -hand cigarette!European Studies: Smoking during pregnancy or affecting children’s heart health

Smoking is not only exclusive to men. Many women also solve their sorrows by smoking.However, because women’s physiological structure is special, they need to go through 1-2 or multiple pregnancy in their lifetime. Smoking during pregnancy will cause unexpected damage to the baby.And three -handed smoke.

Some research teams have conducted detailed analysis of many European countries and found that smoking for pregnant women has a great impact on their children’s health, and may even increase the chance of children with congenital heart disease.

The fertility and health data of more than 230,000 families are used as analysis. The impact of many factors such as the physical quality index, alcohol intake, and smoking of pregnant women on the risk of congenital heart disease in the next generation.Yes, children born in women’s smoking during pregnancy are susceptible to congenital heart disease.Therefore, women in the childbearing age must quit smoking while staying away from second -hand smoke.

1. Causes fetal hypoxia

The nicotine contained in cigarettes can promote vascular contraction, and uterine vascular contraction can affect the fertilized egg bed.Smoking during pregnancy is likely to cause abortion, because nicotine can stimulate the release of catecholamine in pregnant women, which increases blood pressure in pregnant women and increases the burden on the heart. Nicotine can cause respiratory tract spasm, promote uterine blood vessel contraction, affect the supply of oxygen, which will cause fetal hypoxia.Eventually leading to abortion.

2. Cause abnormal pregnancy

Compared with women who have never smoking, smoking women have a high incidence of pregnancy, especially ectopic pregnancy.Toxins in cigarettes can directly destroy the placenta tissue, which can easily cause early stripping or front placenta in the placenta, which can cause placental infarction; smoking during pregnancy can also easily induce bleeding during pregnancy or premature fetal membrane breakdown in the fetus.

3. Cause premature birth

Smoking during pregnancy, carbon monoxide in cigarettes is often combined with hemoglobin in the blood to reduce the ability of blood to carry oxygen, and cannot provide sufficient oxygen for the fetus, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply of the fetus, which affects the normal growth and development of the fetus, resulting in low weight of the newborn. Whether it is the body, the body is the body.The length, bust, and head circumference are relatively small.

4. Cultivating congenital malformations

Smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of congenital malformations in children, including congenital heart disease, congenital, brainless, dementia, and cleft lip and palate.Frequent smoking can also affect breastfeeding lactation and affect infants and young children.

The harm of inhaling second -hand smoke during pregnancy is no less than active smoking. Inhaling second -hand smoke will also increase fetal malformations or risk of dead tires. Therefore, it should be far away from the second -hand smoke environment. Family members cannot smoke at home. If necessaryEssence

Kind tips

In order to be healthy for yourself and the fetus, try to quit smoking as soon as possible, and you should quit smoking 6 months before pregnancy. This can minimize the harm of smoking to the baby.

During the smoking cessation period, all the utensils related to cigarettes, such as ashtray, lighter or match, etc.; Appropriately change the working environment and working procedures to reduce unnecessary gatherings;The nerves gradually relax.

In addition, you should learn to divert your attention. When the smoke addiction comes, you can relieve the way of massage, drinking water or chewing gum.

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