Don’t panic when you are sick during pregnancy, how to use medicine and then add new evidence

On October 15th, "Enthusiasse Daily", we interpreted 10 literatures, followed: depression during pregnancy, inflammatory enteritis, Youterkab, new crown infection, new crown vaccine, fertility, Kun Ling pills, healthy diet, trauma, traumatic natureIncidents, postpartum depression, adolescent tumors.

Jama internal medicine- [44.409]

① Incorporate more than 140,000 pregnant women who use antidepressant drugs during pregnancy, more than 3.03 million control group women, 72.4%and 37.1%of women in the exposure and control group are white;The risk of abnormal nerve development in the pharmaceutical exposure group has doubled; ③ but after adjusting the mixed factor, this association has no statistically significant significance, and in compatriots’s comparison analysis, this association is not statistically significant;Study and discussed children’s neurological disorders, including autism scoring dysfunction, attention defects/multi -dysfunction, intellectual disorder, behavioral disorders, etc., have not been found to be related to depression during pregnancy.

【Editor -in -chief】

Some previous studies reminded that taking antidepressants during pregnancy may increase the risk of neuros development disorder.However, this association may be affected by various mixed factors and unpredictable mixed factors.This study is based on big data analysis, and the conclusion is basically the same.It is believed that this association is affected by mixed factors.Therefore, taking medicine itself may not increase the risk of neuropathic disorders in future generations, but the impact of mothers’ depression on future generations may be more worthy of research.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Association of AntidePressant Use During Pregnancy with Risk of Nerodevelopmental Disorders in Children

2022-10-03, doi: 10.1001/jamainternMed.2022.4268

Annals of Internet Medicine- [51.598]

① Incorporate 5393 women with inflammatory enteritis, of which 2890 patients stopped using anti-tumor necrosis (Anti-TNF) treatment before 24 weeks of pregnancy, while 2403 cases were continued to be treated;Rate (35.8% vs 39.0%) and the incidence of premature (7.6% vs 8.9%) are lower than the drug group 24 weeks ago; ③ and the two groups of pregnant women are in the aspects of death, less than fetal age, severe infectious diseases, etc.There is no statistical difference in the incidence; ④ After 24 weeks of pregnancy, continuing to take ANTI-TNF seems to be greater than damage to inflammatory enteritis women.

【Editor -in -chief】

Whether women with inflammatory enteritis can continue to take treatment drugs during pregnancy have always been concerned.Through the analysis of the evidence of real world research, it is found that continuous use of anti -tumor necrosis factors after 24 weeks can reduce the recurrence rate and premature incidence rate of IBD, but it does not increase the risk of adverse pregnancy ending.Therefore, the current evidence shows that IBD women can continue to use anti -tumor necrotic factors during pregnancy.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Benefits and Risks Association with Continification of Anti – Tumor Necrosis Factor After 24 Weeks of Pregnancy in WOMEN WITH Inflammatic Bowel Disease A Nationwide Emul ATION TRIAL

2022-09-27, doi: 10.7326/m22-0819

Alimentary Pharmacology and therapeutics- [9.524]

① In a multi-centered and forward-looking queue study, 27 pregnant women with inflammatory bowels were included in the treatment of UTC Midticide (UST) and 52 pregnant women treated with anti-tumor necrosis (TNF-α).50 cases of adhesive women treated non-TNF-α; ② In general, there is no statistical difference between the mother and infant of the UST treatment and other groups.23.1%vs 8.2%(P = 0.095); ④ The incidence of premature premature women in the three groups of pregnant women was 4.3%, 18.4%, and 5.7%, respectively, and the incidence of low birth weight was 4.2%, 10.2%, and 8.3%, respectively.There is no statistical difference.

【Editor -in -chief】

The treatment of inflammatory enteritis in Utique monoclonal anti -anti -anticipids is effective, but whether pregnant women can use the drug without data support.Through the analysis of clinical data, this study did not find evidence that the use of Youtke Mippitive during pregnancy caused the endless pregnancy ending.Therefore, this study provides new evidence support for women’s medication during pregnancy.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

USTTEKINUMAB DUREGNANCY in Patients with Inflammatic Bowel Disease: A Prospective Multice COHORT Study

2022-09-27, Doi: 10.1111/APT.17224

American Journal of Obestrics & Gynecology MFM- [8.679]

① Included 47 pregnant women, they were infected with new crowns during pregnancy and received monoclonal antibody treatment; ② 76%of these people did not vaccinate the vaccine. A patient received infusion in the early stage of childbirth, and heated during childbirth.However, it is not clear whether this is related to the injection monolithic monomer; ③ a patient was treated after delivery without any adverse reactions or complications; ④ As of January 2022, there were no cases of abortion or death in the palace.39.1%of pregnant women need a cesarean section; ⑤ The three newborn had infection 2 months before birth, but it was not considered to be related to treatment.

【Editor -in -chief】

Based on the results of random control tests, several monoclonal antibodies with condyloma acuminatum obtained emergency use authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration in 2021 to treat new crown pneumonia.However, pregnant women are not among the trials, so it is unknown whether it is safe.Based on the collection and sorting of clinical cases, this study did not find that monoclonal antibody treatment of mothers or fetal complications caused by the treatment of new crown -positive pregnant women was indeed evidence.However, due to the small samples of this study, further real world research evidence is needed.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Pregnation outComes after administic

2022-09-30, doi: 10.1016/j.ajogmf.2022.100761

Jama Pediatrics- [26.796]

①In 9 observation studies, including more than 80,000 pregnant women who vaccinated the new crown vaccine during pregnancy and more than 250,000 pregnant women who did not vaccinate during pregnancy as the control group;Decrease; ③ but there is no statistically related to the risk of vaccination with the end of the ending of the end of the vaccine, less than the age of fetal age, and APGAR score; ④ vaccination can reduce the risk of mothers’ infection with new crown virus, but with cesarean section, postpartum bleeding, chorionic amniocenteitisThe risk is not related; ⑤ The current research evidence shows that the vaccination of new crown vaccines during pregnancy will not increase the risk of adverse pregnancy ending.

【Editor -in -chief】

A systematic review published in "Jama Pediaatrics" shows that inoculating the new crown vaccine during pregnancy can prevent mothers’ infection, reduce the risk of death in the fetus, and enter the ICU, but it will not increase the risk of bad pregnancy ending.Therefore, it may be encouraged to inoculate new crown vaccines during pregnancy.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Peripartum Outcomes Associated with Covid-19 VacCination During Pregnancy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

2022-10-03, doi: 10.1001/jampediatrics.2022.3456

Journal of Ethnopharmacology- [5.195]

① Randomly divide female mice into four groups: control group, model group (repeated ovarian stimulation), Kun Ling pill intervention group, acetyl acetyine intervention group;Function and structure leads to a decrease in the quality of ovarian parent cells; ③ Kun Ling Pill intervention can inhibit the generation of ROS, improve mitochondrial structure and function, reduce oxidative damage, and improve the quality of ovarian parent cells;Keap1/NRF2 signaling pathway promotes NRF2 from the cell to the nucleus of the cell, thereby activating the expression of SOD and GSH-PX, and clearing excess ROS.

【Editor -in -chief】

Kun Ling Wan is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is mainly used for kidney deficiency, qi stagnation, and blood stasis. It can be suitable for people with infertility in China.This study discussed through the mechanism of animal experiments, revealing the potential mechanism of Kun Ling Wan inhibiting oxidation damage and improving the quality of ovary mother cells, and provided theoretical basis for the promotion of Chinese medicine.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Kunling Wan IMPROVES OOORETE QULITY BY Regulating The PKC/Keap1/NRF2 Pathway to Inchibit Oxidative Damage Caused Controlled Ovarian Hypestimu. law

2022-09-30, doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2022.115777

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition- [8.472]

① Integrated more than 9,000 pregnant women in the two queues, investigate their diet model and various diet health index, and follow the end of their preparation;In the queue, women’s diet model is closer to the Mediterranean diet or healthy diet 2010 (HEI2010), and fertility increases; ④ but in the Danish queue, we did not observe the relationship between the Mediterranean diet and fertility, but found that it meets the Danish diet guide (DDGI) The increase in fertility; ⑤ High -quality diet mode may improve women’s fertility.

【Editor -in -chief】

In this study, the study data analysis found that women’s diet is higher and the inflammatory index is lower during pregnancy, and fertility may be higher.This study provides new data support for pre -pregnancy health management and guidance.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Dietary Patterns and Fecundability in 2 Prospective Preconception Cohors

2022-10-03, Doi: 10.1093/AJCN/NQAC213

Journal of AFFECTIVE DISORDERS- [6.533]

① Incorporate 11,403 women in the Japanese birth queue, about 40%of them experienced trauma during the 2011 Japanese earthquake;Women who have experienced life -threatening experience in the earthquake and the experience of seeing the actual death or death threat of others increase the risk of postpartum depression;The increase in postpartum depression risk has changed trend; ⑥ Therefore, after geological disaster, the attention of women’s mental health should be strengthened to prevent the impact on maternal and baby health.

【Editor -in -chief】

This study analyzed women after the 2011 Great Earthquake in Japan, and found that the risk of depression after producing women who experienced trauma increased the risk of depression.The psychological health of pregnant women has a profound impact.Therefore, the place where major geological disasters occur should strengthen the guidance and targeted intervention of women’s mental health.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Traumatic Experiers of the Great East Japan Earthquake and PostPartum depression Symptoms: The ToHoku Medical Megabank Project BIRTH and Three-Generation COHORT Study

2022-09-30, doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2022.09.139

Human Reproduction Update- [17.179]

① Including 58 random control test data to carry out psychological health intervention in infertile women; ② From the perspective of psychological health intervention, research from the Middle East shows good results, but other regions (including Asia, Africa,,, Africa,,, Africa,,, Africa,,, Africa,,,, Africa,,,, Africa,,,,,The consolidation effects of the research results of Europe and the Americas are negative; ③ The pregnancy rate of the intervention group is increased (RR = 1.25), and it is not affected by the region, treatment time, and treatment.There is a large risk of bias, and it is necessary to further carry out high -quality clinical random control test research.

【Editor -in -chief】

Published in "Human REPRODUCTION Update", a large -scale review result prompts that psychological health intervention at the same time to infertile women can not only alleviate psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, but also to relieve infertility -related pain, increase happiness and marriageSatisfaction has potential effects, and more importantly, it may increase the success rate of infertility treatment (pregnancy rate).However, the quality of these research is still low, and high -quality research needs to be carried out.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Effical of Psychology Intervents for Mental Health and Pregnancy Rates Among Individuals with Infertility: A SystemAtic Review and Meta-Analysis

2022-10-03, Doi: 10.1093/Humupd/DMAC034

Lancet- [202.731]

① Using data such as the China Pediatric Tumor Inspection Center and other data, it is estimated that from 2018 to 2020, the incidence of tumor incidence of Chinese children (0-14) and adolescents (15-19 years old);122.86, 137.64 per million -minute; ③ Among children, the incidence of cancer is higher than girls, but among young people, the opposite; ④ leukemia (42.33/million) is the most common tumor for children, and malignant epithelial tumorThe melanoma is the tumor with the highest incidence of adolescents; ⑤ Social and economic conditions are positively related to the incidence of tumor in children and adolescents. Girls’ mutations in different regions are greater than boys.

【Editor -in -chief】

Cooperation teams from the National Children’s Cancer Monitoring Center, Capital Medical University and other cooperative teams reported that the current situation of epidemiology occurred in children and adolescent tumors from 2018-2020, and explored the association between the incidence of tumors and regional economic health.This study provides important basic data on children’s tumor studies, and also called on society to attach importance to children and adolescent tumors.(@Epi Wang)

【Original Information】

Socioeconomic Inequalities in Cancer Incision and Access to Health Services among Children and Adolescents in China: A Cross-Sectional Study.

2022-09-24, Doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736 (22) 01541-0

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