Don’t put 3 types of items in the bedroom of expectant mothers, it seems useful, but it is very harmful to fetal treasures.

After women are pregnant, they usually start paying attention to diet and check -up. The family also try to make pregnant women do housework as little as possible. First, women are really hard to get pregnant. Furthermore is to make fetal treasures better.

However, some potential dangers are often hidden in places that everyone ignores. Usually, they usually come carefully all day during the day, but they do n’t want to danger in the relaxed bedroom.

Yan Yan’s pregnancy response was a lot of pregnancy before pregnancy. She was disgusting when she smelled dislike. Occasionally, she passed the aromatherapy counter of the mall. She smelled a very comfortable taste. She bought it without thinking about it.After returning home, I often put on aromatherapy when I take a nap.

The husband also likes the taste of this aromatherapy. He saw his wife so happy, and did not stop it.

After a few days, Yan Yan’s mother -in -law came home and smelled the pleasant taste in the room without any compliment.What should I do if it breaks?He also said that he would confiscate the aromatherapy.

At this time, Yan Yan reacted at this time, and her mother -in -law was rough. This danger did not consider it. Later, she also confirmed the disadvantages from the doctor’s mouth during the checkup.

I still remember that in "Zhen Huan Biography", Nian Shilan has been using "Huanyi Xiang" for many years. In the plotMany modern pregnant women are also "panic."

It is not so exaggerated in reality, but you should pay attention to what you should pay attention to, especially when women have been in the bedroom for a long time after pregnancy. Do not put these types of items.Although it is usually useful, it is not good for pregnant women and fetal treasures.

★ Camphor pills of small bugs

Camphor pills can be said to be a good helper for insect -proof. It is usually used in wardrobes or under beds, but it will have a certain negative impact on pregnant women and fetal treasures.

Especially the old -fashioned camphor pills that have some pungent flavors often contain many chemical ingredients such as cymbal and dichlorobenzene. First of all, it is easy to cause allergies for female skin that is sensitive to pregnancy during pregnancy.

In addition, the taste of long -term contact with camphor pills for pregnant women can easily lead to worsening of pregnancy, and the toxicity of it has greatly harmed the fetus.If you wear clothes that have been exposed to camphor pills, it will be more dangerous, affecting the normal and healthy development of fetal treasures.

★ Various fragrance is not suitable for use during pregnancy

Not only is aromatherapy not suitable for use during pregnancy, including air fresh agents, perfumes, particularly fragrant shower gels, etc., all kinds of supplies with large fragrant smells are not suitable for long -term use during pregnancy.

During the special pregnancy, some natural flowers are placed in the house, which may cause trouble for pregnant women and fetuses. Some aromatherapy perfumes contain many chemicals and fragrances, which will cause damage to the fetus with the breathing of expectant mothers.

★ Specific mothers, do n’t “live in a room” with mosquito coils

Now it is basically not mosquito coils in winter. In the summer, prospective mothers must pay attention to that mosquito coils contain mosquito repellent and mosquito -kill substances, which contain a certain toxicity and medicinal properties. This is a material that expectant mothers and fetuses are more taboo.

Helplessly, the expectant mother has a high temperature, and the taste of her body is also very like mosquito. I can’t wait to be bitten by a mosquito?

Regarding this, expectant mothers can try as much as possible in physical methods, such as mosquito fans, mosquito and other accounts, and can also choose reliable mosquito coils for pregnant women.

Don’t underestimate these details, it’s for the health of expectant mothers and fetal treasures. Don’t put the above items for expectant mothers, you can put these things.

Although it is not very strong in mobile phone radiation, it is not suitable for playing frequently during pregnancy.It is better to put a book, note that the content must be active and energy, or it can be a book during pregnancy and parenting.

Put a bedside head lamp, the bladder is oppressed during pregnancy and often gets up at night. In order to prevent expectant mothers bump during the lighting process, wake up and turn on the bedside light.Essence

[Today’s topic] Do you place the above items during pregnancy during pregnancy?


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