Don’t rush to rush after the pregnant mother goes to the toilet. The urine is these 4 colors very dangerous

After pregnancy, do you have such troubles:

| After pregnancy, I am either in the toilet or on the way to the toilet.

| Since pregnancy, I have never slept in a complete consciousness at night, and I have been woken up by urine once in two or three hours.

| Have you experienced a few minutes after going out, do you find a toilet everywhere?Afraid of urine pants


It is normal to go to the toilet frequently during pregnancy.But have you observed your urine carefully?

There may be a big secret.

The color of your urine (vote)


Light yellow

Brilliant yellow

Deep yellow, dark yellow



Purple, green, orange and other colors

Some mothers may have heard that the morning urine waking up in the morning can know the sex of the baby in advance. If the urine is relatively clear, it is a boy.

Of course, this is completely impossible!

But urine is not useless. Its more powerful function is to indirectly reflect whether the mother’s body is healthy.

Let’s learn some knowledge of urine first (too long to skip the part of the part):

1. What is urine?

Urine is the ultimate metabolic product produced by the blood filtering, renal tube and collective tube rush absorption and excretion of glomerus.The main ingredients are water, as well as urea, uric acid, inorganic salt, pigment and other ingredients.

Normal adults have a urine of 24 hours a day at almost 1,000 to 2000 ml of urine, and they need to go to toilets 5 to 8 times.

However, after pregnancy, due to the changes in the bladder function, the increase in the amount of urine excretion, and the increase in the pressure on the bladder, the frequency of the mother will increase the frequency of the mother to the toilet.

2. The smell of urine

The normal urine smell comes from the volatile acidic substances in the urine. There is not much odor, but after a long time of placement, the ammonia odor can occur in urea decomposition.

3. The color of urine

Under normal circumstances, the color of urine is affected by how much water drinking water. Generally, it is light yellow to dark yellow, but the urine will also be affected by food, drugs, etc., and red and green occur.

However, sometimes the color of the urine is abnormal, and it may also be a sign of the disease, such as blood, white, etc., and you need to seek medical treatment if necessary.

——It the above -mentioned typesetting time frame up

How to distinguish amniotic fluid and urine in the second trimester?

Some mothers will have urinary incontinence during pregnancy, which may be related to the changes in neuromuscular palaces of uterine compression of bladder, hormones on urethral ligament or urethral sphincter.

Most of the cases are normal. Moms do not need to worry too much, but when the post -pregnancy is especially close to the due date, the mother must not leak the water break.

The distinction of amniotic fluid and urine can generally be judged by "one view, two smells, three views":

one look:

Amniotic fluid is usually colorless; urine usually has color, mostly pale yellow.

The outflow of amniotic fluid cannot be controlled. Once the water is broken, it may continue to flow out.But urine can be controlled.

Two smells:

Amniotic fluid is slightly sticky than water, usually without odor.

Urine generally has ammonia odor, which is the special taste of urine.

Three checks:

Moms can also buy some pH test strips with alkali tests in the third trimester, which can be measured when the amniotic fluid and urine are not distinguished.

The urine is generally acidic or neutral, and the test strip usually does not change color. The amniotic fluid is alkaline. After the test strip is used to get the amniotic fluid, the test strip will change from yellow to dark green or blue.

If you still can’t judge clearly, you can go directly to the hospital for a doctor to let the professional doctors help you judge.


Urine is a healthy barometer. The color can indirectly reflect the physical condition of the mother, so the mother may wish to look back at the toilet.

If you drink less water or after eating certain foods, you will be temporarily temporarily temporarily different, so don’t worry too much.

If it is not abnormal urine color caused by diet or exercise, or the mother still feels other discomfort, it is recommended that the mother go to the hospital to check it in time.

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