I love truth and like to write true stories.

A smart woman married a honest and honest man.

The advantage of marrying such a man is that women are headed and men are obedient.

After a long time, the disadvantages appeared.

This man’s IQ is low, shaped like a puppet, and it is like a wooden chicken.

Therefore, a woman hates his heart and has no interest.Therefore, men and women live in the room, and they have the name of husband and wife, and there is no relationship between husband and wife.

Although the man is thick, as one

Normally men, sometimes they want to have a room in the same room.Fear of women’s majesty, but dare not dare to stubbornly in the thunder pond.

Summer, (at that time, did not use electricity at that time, and could not talk about the fan air conditioning). At night, people were used to laying cool outside.

The man couldn’t sleep, so he walked outside to recreate.

Go to the door of a family and see a woman cool outside.It is also too hot. The woman did not wear a shirt, but only one piece of triangular shorts.

Due to the bright moonlight, it is like a day since day, and women have a panoramic view.Men couldn’t help but know the depths, and the hungry wolf rushed up.

The woman woke up from her sleep and dazzled, and she didn’t know, so she panicked and shouted: Come on, someone is killed!

The woman’s shout attracted neighboring folks.The man was not good, whether he was east, west, and south, he fled.Due to the panic, he fell into the lotus pond and was caught. He couldn’t help but say that he was sent to the police station.

After investigation, people were mixed, and they did not know how everyone confess their words. The result was five years in prison.

The man was judged, and the woman regretted it and washed her face with tears every day.

Life has to continue, and life still has to live.

People say that there are many or wrongs in front of the widow. When the man judges, the woman becomes a widow with a man.

As a result, some flies of fluffs come to bite every day.

The martyr’s girl is afraid of the husband, not to mention that this woman is actually enough to be lonely and lonely.For a long time, the woman was pregnant.

This widow is not pregnant. Where can I see people in the future?

The woman came up with a clever move: visit relatives, yes, go to prison to visit relatives.

But how do you go to prison to go with men?Thinking about it only: Dream pregnancy.

The plan has been determined, and the journey is set off immediately and rushed to the prison.

Men are people who are thick.Women met a man, (prison did not let the couple spend the night together) sweet words, saying thousands of words, saying, "I have lost my regrets and regrets. You are all my fault in jail. How do you miss you after you leave!I thought about it every day, thinking about it at night, and finally as I wish, I dreamed of you in my dream and dreamed of being with you. My good man, I am happy. As a result, … uh … the result meWandering your child! This is the blessing of Guanyin Bodhisattva! "

The thick man, he made a serious mistake, and sentenced him to five years. The wife missed himself so much, and he was pregnant with his child in his dream.

The woman came back to the prison, and said that men were not in prison because of the transformation, but in the new team.Captain arranged for them to reunite in the new team, and left her to play with the new team for a few more days.It is so east to pull Xila and cover the population tongue.

In fact, the neighbors have their own life. Of course, some people say three or four in their backs, but the right and wrong of the East Parents West Family. Regardless of the face, others only smile.

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