Dreaming a snake during pregnancy, because he was afraid of killing it, the baby had a miscarriage after half a month,

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As a materialist, I don’t believe in God.But because of some things that happened when I was young, although I didn’t believe these statements, I was always awesome.

I want to talk about a real thing today, or the protagonist Xiao A.In the last year, Xiao A had a child after half a year. Because we were very good friends, after she checked the results, she sent me a voice when she came out of the hospital and told me this good news. At that timeAfter a month.

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Who knows, half a month later, Xiao A told me that the child was gone.I hurriedly asked what was going on, Xiao A cried and said, she didn’t know that she had a nap at home at noon and suddenly bleed.Xiao A hurriedly called her husband at work. Her husband rushed back, and the two went to the nearest hospital.After arriving at the hospital, Xiao A felt stomach pain, and the bleeding began to worsen.After explaining the situation, they inserted a team and asked the doctor to check first. At this time, the child was not saved.

Later, they checked the situation that the doctor had only four words: unexpected miscarriage, as for the specific reason, but could not be said.I asked her if she had eaten something at noon. She said no, the doctor also checked, and everything was fine. Even the "things" flowed out of the doctors checked it for the doctor, and they didn’t find out anything.This incident turned the page with the child’s departure.Half a year later, she became pregnant again, and this time the baby succeeded in giving birth.

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Once, I sat with Xiao A and chatted, and she told me one thing.She said that she felt amazing. Every time she found out a snake a few days ago, she had dreamed of a snake, but when she was the first time, she was scared and killed the snake.When I dreamed again for the second time, it felt that the snake looked lazy. She was not afraid at all, and naturally did not kill the snake like the first time.

She asked: Do you say that my first baby’s accident was because I killed the snake in my dream?

I said don’t think about it, nothing.Although I told her this, I actually had doubts in my heart. In the past, not everything in the world could explain the completeness.

There may be the same story hidden in different lives you have seen.I forget my memory, but the pen in my hand will not.

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