Dreaming is rushing, and she will be pregnant without day. The birth of the child is surprising.

"Lu Bu in the man, the red rabbit of the horse", due to the interpretation of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and the folk art, Lu Bu has always presented to everyone’s hearts as the image of "the first general of the Three Kingdoms".Tiger prison "Lu Bu", one hit three, that Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are all rivals. It can be seen that Lu Bu’s mighty.

There are folklores that are even more powerful in Lu Bu.He said that Lu Liang married his wife Huang and gave birth to four daughters in a row, but none of his son.The ancients value men and women.So Huang went to Baima Temple to worship the Buddha.

On the night of home, Huang had a dream and dreamed that a fierce tiger rushed to him. Huang’s urgent call for her husband to fight, but the tiger was lying beside him meekly, and Huang was pregnant.But after 12 months, I didn’t produce it, and I was anxious.It must not be mortal who do not come according to normal time. What Nezha, Li Er is not produced in October, and it is different in life. This child must be born.

One day, the rainbow was reflected in the air, and it was dazzling, and this scene was strange.Following the five original counties, the mountains shake the mountain.The pain in Huang’s abdomen was unbearable, pelvic bone bloated, amniotic fluid overflowing, and difficulty in walking. Then he was lying on the cloth, and soon gave birth to a baby boy.The baby boy was born, the umbilical cord was broken, his eyes were gods, and he was tightly fists. Standing in front of him.Lu Liang was surprised: "My God also." Because of the birth of the birth, Lu Bu was named.

Lu Bucong is very good at learning, never forgets, he is good at life, and he is more powerful. He dances with a rod, and he is stronger than his peers. Children of the same age dare not approach him.But Xiao Lu Bu and the girl were docile and physical together, as if they were two.

Lu Bu has often released horses with the Wrangler from the age of five, and loves horses very much. When he is seven years old, he often rides a separate horse to chase wild fox mountain deer and returned from empty hands. At the age of nine, the sheep that adults can’t catch.He captured two; at the age of eleven, he showed his majesty on the horse racing, and knocked down the high of him several times.

Later, Xianbei tribal expanded, and Lu Bu moved south with his father and attached Dingyuan.After leaving Wuyuan County, he began his legendary life that he swept the thousands of troops but ended in a tragic ending.

"The Biography of the Three Kingdoms" records: The cloth bowl is a bow horse, and the power is too good.In other words, Lu Bu Shan rides and shoots, naturally divine, and he is called a flying general.

"Cao Hang Chuan" said: Lu Bu is brave, and has a steed.When people said, "there are Lu Bu in people, and there are red rabbits in the horse."

So the point is, how should the king Lu Bu equipment come out?

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