Dreaming of my husband derailed, I actually dreamed of come true. I lurked in the circle of friends in Primary Three for three months

In this world, such a dog blood happened to me. I dreamed that my husband was derailed. I did not expect that this dream was true. Is this ironic!

My name is Chen Jiajia. My husband is three years older than me. He is stable, mature, and successful. It is the standard of this middle -aged man because my economy is better. After marriage, I still live in my house.I chose to accommodate and compromise.

5 years after marriage, I was pregnant, and when I told my husband ecstatically, he was not happy with my expectations.

I always thought that my husband did not respond. He liked the world of the two people. I have been looking forward to a good ending for children who have suddenly broke into our world.

In the next half of the year’s birth checkup, I have always been a person’s check -up. My husband resigned and said that he had been busy with me. He never accompanied me to do a birth check. I was immersed in the joy of pregnancy. I never thought that my husband would be derailed.

On the day of having a child, her husband was just present.There are no flowers, no applause, no joy, but just under the reminder of the nursing nurse, I lowered my head and said: "Wife, come on!" The cold tone is the same as the operating room.

I was immersed in the joy of production, and I had no mood to control him at all, and I didn’t think about his behavior.

Because she was born with a daughter, her in -laws were young and young. They only saw the hospital in the hospital and left. They left. The husband had been staying in the ward, but he was playing with his mobile phone and answering the phone.I ca n’t expect my daughter and my daughter. I endure the pain of the wound and do it myself.

In the confinement, I can’t expect my husband, and I can’t expect my in -laws.In desperation, I could only ask the nanny to look at the child.

If my husband ignored and my daughter in the marriage, and the performance of no sense of responsibility made me more and more disappointed, the one who overwhelmed my last straw was the cost of recharge at home.Payment, you cannot directly recharge on your mobile phone.After a day of power out of power, the result can be imagined that her daughter has a cold and did not drink milk a day.

That was that day, I was completely chilling.

Marriage, what exactly is it for?If there is only one marriage, what can the other person do?How long can a person carry marriage and family?

I really couldn’t help it anymore. I talked to my husband once. When I talked about divorce, I didn’t expect my husband to agree quickly.

The divorce agreement soon was put in front of me, and I was very surprised.

It is said that there is something to dream about every day. I dream of my husband derailed, and it is also the employee of his unit.I was awakened by dreams and frightened a cold sweat.

I quietly followed my husband for a week without finding a particularly obvious abnormality.On the divorce agreement, my husband left the deposits and stocks to me and my daughter.I bought the house before getting married.

This marriage was over, there was no quarrel, no accusations, and unusually smooth.

I thought that there had been no intersection since then.

Until our common friend said that he was ready to get married.

In such a short time, remarried, it is inevitable that I will think of that dream anymore. When recalling that we live together recently, some of her husband’s performance can not help but feel that there must be a greasy among them.

I used my friends to help, applying for WeChat of Xiaosan, and Xiao San just opened a clothing store and was doing publicity everywhere. It was really help me.

I often patronize her small shop, support her business, and often bring her some small gifts.Soon, we became a close friend who said nothing.

Primary three told me that her child was two years old. Mr. was the leader of a county bureau. The house, car, and driving clothing stores were supported by Mr..I never expected that the ex -husband who played a weak and had no responsibility in front of me was a man who was gentle, home, and his person in charge in the eyes of Primary Three.

When the child is two years old, that is to say, when I had no daughter yet, he and Xiao San’s son were born. I used all opportunities to start collecting evidence of ex -husband derailment.

In order to ensure the victory, before prosecution, I deliberately consulted the lawyer. According to the materials I provided, the lawyer said that the probability of my victory was very high. I decisively went to the court to sue the ex -husband.

The ex -husband received the subpoena from the court. I don’t know what his expression was, but I knew that he had to protect himself with legal weapons.

For such a man, I don’t need to be soft -handed, and I don’t need to know whether his second marriage is happy. I only need to maintain my happiness with my daughter.

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