Dreaming that the husband who died was calling her to run quickly, waking up to hear her mother -in -law and uncle whispering, she fled back to her mother’s house

My name is Chen Xi.My husband and I are college classmates.After graduation, we got married.After getting married, I quit my job and devoted himself to my home as a full -time wife.I live with my husband’s family.Husband has a younger brother two years younger than him.In the third year of my marriage, my husband died of a car accident.Shortly after death, I was pregnant.This child comes out of time, but he is the crystallization of my husband’s love.Although my husband is gone.But I still decided to leave the child.

After my husband died, my family thought that I was young to remarry. They introduced me one by one, but my mother -in -law refused to let me marry again. I know she would not give up the child in my stomach.I had a dream one night.I dreamed that my husband had died for several days and came back to find me again.He and I held hands and walked sweetly on the road, but the road suddenly collapsed, and the world was dark.My husband pushed me back and asked me to run quickly.I can’t look back, because of the endless endlessness.When I was swallowed by the darkness, I woke up from my sleep.

I was frightened on my back. I slowed my breath and found that I was still lying on the bed in the room. Thinking of the dream I just made, I always had a bad feeling, got up to the living room to drink a glass of water.Out of the door, the lights in the living room were on, and there was a vague voice.After listening carefully, my mother -in -law and uncle were sitting on the sofa in the living room to chat.They thought I was asleep, and the sound of chatting was not small.When I heard my name vaguely, I sneaked into a hidden corner and listened to what they said.

I heard my little uncle said to my mother -in -law, "Mom, are we not so good for the elder brother? My sister -in -law will not agree!" Mother -in -law said, "What are you afraid of?She. I can’t let the child in her belly with the surname of other people. It is the best choice to marry her. "After listening to their conversation, I was confused.My mother -in -law wanted my uncle to marry me.Isn’t that incest?Thinking of the nightmare I just made, I felt that in the dark, my husband was guiding me to escape.I didn’t bother my mother -in -law and my uncle.I simply packed my luggage, and then fled back to my mother’s house overnight.

I have escaped now, but what should I do in the future?I do not have a job.I have my husband’s child in my belly.How can I survive?

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