Dreaming that the second child was scared to cry, and the first child was a boy, would you still choose to have a second child?

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I have been pregnant for 9 months now, and I will be close to the due date. I just started to rest in maternity leave last week. I thought about going back to my mother’s house for a few days. I did not expect that I started to feel back pain after I went home for two days.

My mother said that she was about to give birth, so she sent me back directly.

I was busy at 12 o’clock because I went to bed because of some things. I went to the hospital for a checkup today. The doctor said that the umbilical blood flow was high. It is recommended to be hospitalized.

I was also scared at the time, but because I had had such a situation before, I did not agree to the hospitalization. Instead, I decided to go back to rest first and come over to review in the afternoon.

After I went back, I went to lunch after lunch. When I slept until more than two o’clock, accompanied by my mother -in -law, I went to the hospital for review. As a result, the umbilical blood flow returned to normal.

This naughty little guy is really too worry -free. He has been worried about how much he is.Who knows the bitterness of a pregnant mother.

Here are reminding pregnant mothers that you must pay attention to rest during pregnancy. If abnormal conditions occur during the birth check, don’t worry, think about whether the rest is not enough.

Although I do n’t know if it ’s a man or a woman, my husband and I have agreed to only give birth to this.

However, the father -in -law and mother -in -law were not tired of the second child. What she said that this birth was a daughter, and she asked her to practice her hand first.This is really impossible to cry.

Because I heard my colleagues say that once he dreamed, he dreamed that he had another son (the first child was a son) and scared and cried directly in his dream.ah.

There are countless examples around me, and even more, the first child is a son. I think that I can have a second child and want a daughter. As a result, the second child is a twin son!

Just ask you not moved?

Therefore, if the first child is a girl, then I may consider the second child.If the first child is a boy, then I really don’t want to regenerate the second child.

The first child is a boy, do you still choose to have a second child?

I am a hot mother, who pays attention to me and share my parenting experience every day.

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