Drink in summer, whether you drink white or beer, keep in mind "2 Drink and 2 Not Drink", comfortable and comfortable

Drink in summer, whether you drink white or beer, keep in mind "2 Drink and 2 Not Drink", comfortable and comfortable

Summer is the peak of people drinking. Whether it is family gatherings, friends’ dinner or outdoor barbecue, it is inseparable from the companionship of wine.In this season, with the rise of temperature, many people like to taste a glass of cold wine on summer nights or gatherings.

Generally speaking, in the market, liquor and beer are relatively wide and more popular in summer.

Baijiu is known as China’s traditional wine, known for its unique flavor and brewing technology.Beer is loved by young people with its cool and diverse taste.There is a significant difference between liquor and beer in brewing ingredients, craftsmanship and taste.Baijiu has a high accuracy, mellow taste, and easier to get drunk.

Beer is made of malt as the main raw material, which is made of fermentation and glycation. The alcohol content is low and the taste is refreshing.However, drinking in the summer, whether you choose to drink liquor or beer, you must have a certain particular attention. Keep in mind the principle of "2 drink 2 and don’t drink" so that you can truly enjoy the fun of drinking and make yourself more comfortable and comfortable.

The first is the principle of "2 drink":

No. 1: Drink and not greedy cup

The hot climate makes people feel hot, and the appropriate amount of alcohol can bring a hint of coolness and relaxation.However, there are some problems with drinking in summer.Many people often like greedy cups and drinking a large amount of alcohol in the hot weather in summer, which will cause burden on the body.

2nd: Drink pure grains and good wine

Drink in summer, drinking pure grains and good wine is a wise choice.The alcohol brewed in pure food is more natural and pure, the quality is higher, the irritation of the body is relatively small, and it is more suitable for summer drinking.

In addition, there are some situations that need to be avoided when drinking in the summer. Keep in mind the principle of "2 don’t drink":

No. 1: Don’t drink iced white wine

Although iced liquor can bring a momentary coolness, height wines like liquor are not suitable for drinking after ice. In fact, it is not recommended to drink ice beer. Drinking too much can also cause physical discomfort.

2nd: Do not drink mixed wine

The alcohol components in mixed wine are complicated. Mixing different alcohol may have an unpredictable response to the body, increasing the risk of discomfort after alcohol.

Therefore, when drinking in summer, we should choose rationally, enjoy the fun while enjoying wine.Both liquor and beer are good choices, but pay attention to choosing high -quality pure grain wine and beer that is suitable for your own taste.Following the principle of "2 Drink 2" can allow us to enjoy peace of mind and comfort when drinking in summer.

Of course, our liquor market is complicated now. It is not easy to choose a high -quality good wine to drink, so the article finally share with you 2 models. It is a very popular good wine in the market recently:

① Master Han Dong (knowing encounter)

This is a unique Daqu Kun sand sauce -flavored white wine, giving people a strong texture and enjoyment.This wine has been praised for its mellow and unique taste and unique taste. It is a really rare good wine.

Its production process is sophisticated and adopted the method of monopolizing wine with wine, so each bite has the charm of the old wine, and the liquor has a sense of layering and depth.The aroma in the wine is strong and pure, which makes people feel the accumulation of time and craftsmanship in the taste, and drinks the charm of the old wine.

This wine not only has a unique charm, but also very outstanding in terms of cost performance. It pays great attention to the quality of the wine and the stability of the quality, but it is available at a very affordable price. The cool taste and mellow fragrance make people hot.I feel happy and comfortable in summer.

The innovation of this wine lies in its unique arrangement.Through the perfect fusion of base wine and seasoning wine, the taste of the liquor is more mellow and the taste is richer.This innovation method not only improves the quality of wine, but also brings higher cost -effectiveness to consumers.

② Benbin and old craftsmanship

This wine has always been good in the market, and the wine quality is very good, mainly because its production skills inherit Li Xingfa, the "father of sauce wine" in Guizhou, showing that his pursuit of wine and excellence.

The winery it produces has a history of more than 30 years. For decades of ingenuity, each bottle of wine is flawless.They pay attention to the selection of high -quality raw materials, carefully deployed, and strictly control each production link. Each bottle of guests and craftsmen wines show deep historical heritage and excellent quality through ingenious brewing technology.

Taste the old craftsmanship, you will be attracted by the aroma it emitted, with a faint food fragrant fragrance. At the entrance, the mellow and richness of the wine will make you forget to return, especially in the hot summer in the hot summerCome to a cup in the evening, very comfortable.

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