Drink soy milk often, easy to get breast disease?Do you drink high -energy uric acid?Four Soy Milk Small problems, one article clearly!

As a common nutritional drink, soy milk has always been loved by men, women, and children.

Today, let’s talk about a few soy milk questions that everyone has always cared about–

1. Can drinking soy milk supplement calcium?

The calcium content of soybeans is relatively high: 191 mg of calcium per 100 grams of soybeans.

The calcium content of soy milk depends entirely on the amount of soybeans.Soy soybean is more water, the concentration of soy milk is higher, and the calcium content will naturally be higher. On the contrary, the calcium content will be low.

Under normal circumstances, the average calcium content in soy milk is about 5 mg/100 ml, only 1/20 of the same weight milk, 1/30 of old tofu, and 1/20 of rapeseed.

The recommended daily intake of calcium in healthy adults is 800 mg, and drinking 300 ml of soy milk can only provide 15 mg of calcium. It can be said that it is a cup of water.

Therefore, if you want to supplement calcium, it is not enough to drink soy milk, it is best to eat some rich foods rich in calcium, such as egg yolk, milk, green leafy vegetables, etc.

2. Drink soy milk often, easy to get breast disease?

Many people think that soymilk can cause breast disease is mainly because it contains soy isoflavones.

Soy isoflavones are a kind of plant estrogen, named after biological activity similar to estrogen.Not only soy milk, but also plant hormones in other grains.

Among the pathogenic factors such as breast cancer, a considerable part of it is related to estrogen. The treatment method of these people is very important. One is anti -estrogen therapy.

However, plant estrogen and human estrogen are different.It can inhibit the effects of estrogen -like effects (weak) when the estrogen is insufficient, and it can also inhibit the inhibitory effect when the estrogen level is too high.

Many studies believe that drinking soy milk has anti -cancer effects, and patients with breast disease can also drink.

So rest assured to drink soy milk boldly!

3. High uric acid, drinking soy milk will aggravate the condition?

In the past, it was believed that the bean purine content was high. Regardless of whether soybeans, black beans or soybean products, people with high uric acid levels and gout should not eat.

But in recent years, it has been found that soy milk, tofu brain, tofu and other soy products are not absolutely taboos.

Because, from soybean to soybean products, soak and grind the pulp, and add water when cooking. A considerable part of the purine dissolved in water will be lost with water.

Therefore, soy products are not high -purine foods. People with high uric acid levels drink and drink soy milk will not aggravate the disease.

4. When flouring soy milk, it is not good for the soy milk powder to make a lump?

When flushing the bean paste, many people encounter a problem and will make a block.

This means that the protein content of soy milk powder is high because protein is not easy to dissolve.

In fact, there are also ways to make soy milk powder not easy to make pieces, such as sugar and add emulsifiers.

However, such soy milk powder is not so "pure".

How can I avoid the clump when brewing soy milk powder?

First rinse with warm water, stir well, and add some hot water until it is completely dissolved.

Of course, even small groups do not affect digestion and absorption, if you don’t mind, you can drink it directly.

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