Drinking alcohol during pregnancy, so that the child is different from others after birth, the mother is crying.

When we swipe our mobile phones, we always see a lot of photos of Baoma take photos of their own baby. There are sitting, lying down, and being held by my mother.Each cute, let everyone can’t help but praise.We all hope that children will be very healthy from the moment they are born and can thrive. If the children are born, the mothers find that there are some abnormalities in the children, and the mood will indeed be the kind of unpredictable bad.

A mother has always been washing her face with tears recently, and her mood once became very low.Why is this?Because her child has never laughed since she was born. When other children crying loudly, her child did not have a sound, and he usually had less time to sleep.Make Baoma feel more and more curious. He was afraid of the child’s problem, so he immediately chose to take the child to see the doctor.

When I arrived at the hospital, the doctor heard the child’s condition, and then asked Bao Ma liked to drink. Baoma nodded, and the doctor said, "That’s right." It turned out that Bao Ma is a person who likes drinking very much.Even when there is a child, there is no exception, and even during the breastfeeding period, there is no chance to drink drinking. Although the amount of drinking is not large, it will also have some impact on the child. This is what he has appeared.Different from the situation of other children.Bao Ma was very regretful after learning about this situation, crying and crying.

Fortunately, the child’s condition was discovered in a timely manner, so the child’s intelligence level has not been damaged. After receiving the doctor’s intervention treatment, it can return to normal.

The degree of development of the child is closely related to the habits developed by his mother during pregnancy and breastfeeding.Don’t take it seriously.

So, what problems should mothers pay attention to during the two special periods of mothers during pregnancy and lactation?

In terms of diet:

First, mothers must pay attention to controlling a amount of quantity when supplementing.

For example, many pregnant mothers have heard that eating fish can supplement some protein, and also allows children to be brighter and smarter after birth, so always eat a lot of fish during pregnancy.Eating, it seems that the family is full of fish every day.As everyone knows, the fishing too much will cause damage to the child’s intelligence level.Because cooked fish will contain a small amount of mercury, these ingredients will have trauma for children’s intelligence level.In addition, some caffeine -containing foods, dairy products, etc. must be eaten correctly, and mothers must control the amount during their diet.

Second, mothers must eliminate tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy.

No matter which category of these two categories, both will have a very serious impact on the growth of children. We may have heard of news that because pregnant women still smoke and drink during pregnancy, which causes children to cause malformations or dysplasia. For us, we are for us.The child’s health is born, and those bad habits really have to be abandoned.

In terms of schedule:

Moms must ensure that they have sufficient sleep and rest time.Some mothers are "staying up late" when they are not pregnant. These habits have not been changed even if they have not changed during their pregnancy and breastfeeding stages.We all know that a normal person often stays up late and has problems, let alone a pregnant woman?Moms often stay up late will cause their immunity to reduce, so that the child’s physique will be affected.

Therefore, once a woman is upgraded to a mother, she must control her behavior. Only by her own strict requirements can she meet a healthy and beautiful baby.

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