Drinking more milk may not be good, tell you from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine that drinking more milk is easy to produce phlegm and dampness.

Milk has almost become a compulsory homework for many families every day.I have discussed similar topics before. I want to talk about it today. For nothing else, just to remind friends who are obsessed with milk, how do you think of milk in the diet of Chinese medicine.

Everyone chooses milk. First of all, I think it has nutrition, especially when teenagers are long, drinking milk to supplement calcium, which is a common sense.But Chinese medicine treats this problem, more about the needs of the human body itself. What needs is nutrition, what is not needed is garbage.

When a cold and cough, or people who are allergic, Chinese medicine is not recommended to drink milk for a long time.Milk has nutrition. This is true for the milk itself, but the specific implementation of the crowd, this nutrition is relative. It can be transported and absorbed.Essence

People with spleen deficiency and wetness, with a tongue, fat tongue, white tongue coating, and white and greasy. Even if they are usually, they are not suitable for drinking milk.Especially children, when they grow up, you feel that drinking milk is calcium supplementing, provided that he can digest and transform. If you can’t drink it, it will affect the absorption of the normal diet in the spleen and stomach.Source, and phlegm is most likely to hinder the stomach and affect absorption.

It must be explained here that milk is not allowed to drink, but it is not appropriate to look at each person according to the physique of each person.Instead of saying that milk is good, it is blindly followed.

One type of people are special. The need for baby’s demand for milk is just needed, but this just need is also relative, because the priority of milk is not as high as breast milk, that is, the more naturally the physique of the baby, that is, the better the construction of immunity.Breast milk is white, which is the different forms of human qi and blood presentation, so babies who eat breast milk are stronger than babies who eat milk powder. Some women with weak blood and blood have no milk.Rules.But everyone will find that drinking milk is easy to breathe, constipation, and unstoppable sleep. This is the humid heat caused by milk after entering the body.

Some families treat milk as daily compulsory courses, and their bodies have symptoms of diarrhea, rhinitis, and trapped in various phlegm dampness during the day without knowing themselves.As everyone knows, as long as you stop the milk, everything can return to normal.Some parents like to promote seedlings. In order to make children grow tall, they drink milk as white water with milk. As a result, they did not respond a little.

Wishes are beautiful, and the facts are naked.

In fact, this logic is good as the Shanzhenhai flavor, and it is meaningless to eat it. It is the same reason.

Modern medicine always likes to use nutrition, and likes to use parameters and data to calculate how much energy the human body needs. How to match is a balanced diet and make the human body like a machine.

Nan Huaijin had a metaphor for a metaphor and put a life and the dead in the countryside. Although he had the same skin sac, the dead would be corrupted in a few days, and the life was still the life.Life activities are not simply accumulated nutrition. It is the most needed nutrition that can be eaten in and can be transformed into qi and blood.

One side of the water and water raises one person, eating habits, with the premise of time and space of life, and the state of the body needs to be considered.If you need it, you can help your body.

People with heavy phlegm should not be milk soy milk every day.What’s more, now because of the promotion of various advertisements, the market has huge demand for milk, and there are too many cows to urge with hormone lactation through hormones.The disadvantages brought by excessive intake are still worth pondering.

As the saying goes, rough tea and light rice are the most raised, but in fact, I want to tell you that being able to convert food to the greatest nourishment.

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