Drugs and foods are homologous, cool and cooling summer products

Mint, also known as Mint and Mint, is a perennial herbaceous herbal plant.It has a cold nature and a schizophrenia. It has the effects of evacuating wind heat, clearing the head, clearing throat, relieving liver and relieving depression. It is often used to treat wind and heat, headache, sore throat, soreness, immeasible rubella, itching of rubella, liver qi, liver qi, liver qi, liver qi, liver qi, liver qi qiStagging, chest tightness and pain.Generally, mint leaves are longer than sweating.

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Modern studies have shown that mint contains volatile oil, mint essence and tannins. Its natural aroma can be refreshing, which plays a role in eliminating fatigue and refreshing.

In vitro tests, mint decoction has inhibitory effects on simple herpes virus, forest encephalitis virus, and epidemic mump virus.Bacillus, typhoid bacteria, chlorpyrilicia, and E. coli, etc., have bacteriostatic effects.

The internal and exciting central nervous system of mint oil is expanded to the skin’s capillaries, promotes the secretion of sweat glands, and plays a role in sweating and heat.Coldness, and reflectively causes the changes in deep tissue blood vessels and play a role in anti -inflammatory, analgesic, itching, local anesthesia and anti -stimuli, and protects the skin of the cancer radiotherapy area.

1. Wind and hot watch evidence

The power of thin mint Xin is strong and transparent, which can transparent the wicked wicked, clear the surface thermal, and have a certain sweating effect. It is particularly suitable for those who have no sweat or sweat for wind and heat.Clinically, it is used to use silver flowers, forsythia, and nepeta, such as Yin Qiao, which treats wind and cold.Mint lights up, sparse surfaces are scattered, and rash helps, so it can be used for the initial measles, or those who have poor rash on the wind and heat outer muscles are often used with nepeta and beef gardenia.

2. Liver depression and qi stagnation certificate

Clinically, it is common such as chest pain, depression of emotion, sighing, or seeing foreign body sensation; women also have symptoms such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea.Mint can relieve liver and relieve depression, and can be used for liver depression and stagnation syndrome.Light permits can use mints to stagnate their stagnation.

3. The head and facial features of all facial features

Mint lighten up and rises, you can clear your head and help your throat.Wind and heat or hot evil causes throat pain, hoarse sound, etc., can be used equivalent to orake and licorice; mint aroma is scattered, which can be promoted to nose, such as nasal inferiority, flowing yellow nose, nasal congestion.Zi, Xinyi, Bai Yan are equal.

In addition, the aroma of this product can also be used to feel the summer dampness and turbidity of the summer.It can also be used for summer sister -in -law, mosquito sucking, sores, etc.

This product should not be fried for a long time to avoid volatile oil dispersion.This product is fragrant, sweat and gas consumes gas, and those who have more body deficiency and sweat should not be selected.Pregnant women should not eat, patients with deficiency of lung deficiency and cough, yin deficiency, fever and sweat should also be used with caution.Those with poor sleep should not drink too much.

Mint is often used in dishes, pastries and beverages.Here are several ways to eat, for reference only.

Mint porridge

Fresh mint 30 grams, add water to fry with medium heat, remove mint after cooling.In addition, with 150 grams of japonica rice, add water to cook porridge, and when the porridge will be completed, add mint juice and a little rock sugar to boil.Clear heart, relieve heat and heat dissipation, increase appetite, help digestion, and apply to those who have no appetite in the summer.

Mint tofu soup

Take 50 grams of fresh mint leaves (reduced product reduction), 2 tofu, 50 grams of lean meat, and 3 fresh shallots.Put a total of the casserole, add 1000 ml of water, boil on high heat, and make soup in low heat.When eating hot, you can evacuate the wind and heat, and treat the diseases of wind, sneezing, runny nose and other diseases.

Mint tea

Put chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, and wolfberry into the cup, pour a little boiling water, wash off the dust on the surface of the flower, and pour it.Put 2 washed mint leaves, pour enough boiling water, soak for about 3 minutes to drink.You can also add two pieces of rock sugar to enhance the taste.

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