Du Chun upgraded to be a dad, kissing his wife’s pregnancy affectionately: pregnancy is the sublimation of love

On January 1, 2021, Du Chun suddenly announced a major event in life, successfully upgraded to others’ husbands, and showed wedding photos. Netizens were surprised by Du Chun’s sudden marriage.

After that, Du Chun suddenly announced that he was upgraded to be a father and launched a variety show with his wife.Demonstrate.

Subsequently, Du Chun accompanied his wife to check the birth inspection through the show and accompanied his wife at home.

And on April 14th, Du Chun took a photo with his wife, and the text "took a photo for the first time". From this group of photos, we can see Du Chun’sThe joy, he kissed his wife’s pregnant belly affectionately, and then continued to do various funny actions.

Seeing this group of photos, netizens said that they can feel the happiness of two people across the screen. It is really a warm and loving family. I hope Du Chun can continue to affectionate and be a good husband and father!

Nowadays, many young people are in love with their fascinations. It is over a few days in a few days. It looks only two years. They are no longer the kind of life for love, but to be able to make a quick decision.The marriage is delayed due to family relationships and work reasons.

However, if there is a baby in the stomach, it is different. Pregnancy and pregnancy are a bond to consolidate love in the life of young couples. It is an important part of promoting family harmony. Babies are more important members.

We know that love and marriage in the entertainment industry are the most unreliable, but most of the men and women in the entertainment industry are "marrying" because of their babies in their stomachs, which shows that they attach great importance to their babies.What is the reason, at least willing to give the child a home for the child.

Regardless of the bred baby, no matter which side of the husband and wife, they will pay attention to it, but after all, pregnancy is not the whole purpose and significance of love life. With a child, you should live in harmony and live a happy life. We must correct the pregnancy of pregnancy in love life in love life.Location.

Different attitudes of couples during pregnancy affect marriage

Joy: The two couples had planning to be a father and mother, and the whole pregnancy process was actively cooperating. When I knew that I was pregnant, I was so happy that I could not describe it.Development is also very helpful to consolidate the relationship between husband and wife.

It doesn’t matter: For pregnancy, some couples are holding a peaceful mindset, that is, an indifferent attitude. Everything will be natural, and the husband will not take care of or treat it because of his wife’s pregnancy.Maybe two people will go to the end, and they will not.

Rare: One of the two husbands and wives, one of them is unwilling to get pregnant, and one of them is looking forward to it, but no matter which party makes concessions, as a pregnant woman, the whole pregnancy is unhappy.In addition to affecting the relationship between husband and wife, such a mentality also affects the development of the fetus, so we must actively adjust the mentality and optimize.

In short, giving birth to babies is also a kind of transmission of love. It is based on the development of husband and wife emotion.

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